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- Poor service - - - 8/1/2020 1:43:40 AM
I sent Ellis Porter my EB1 evaluation request a couple of months ago. The lawyer said my case is too weak but my case is just approved. Ellis porter was very slow to respond to my evaluation request and didn’t know the answer to my j waiver question. Other attorneys I contacted were much faster giving me the answer. I ended up using a local attorney who took time to carefully review my credentials and prepare a strong case to file. He did not reject my case based on my citations, like Ellis porter. I later know my friend who used ellis porter got his EB1 case denied. He has over 1,000 citations and some patents. I don’t recommend this law firm.

- EB1A denial - - - 1/18/2021 12:36:55 AM
My EB1A was denied after RFE with Ellis Porter attorney's help last year.My USCIS officer was not a difficult one. A friend got the same officer but his case approved after RFE. His case is much weaker than mine. I have very strong industry evidence and my company provided lots of documents for my case but the lawyer failed to persuade the USCIS. Im also very unhappy I was fooled by their website. Their website says they don't have nonlawyer to draft documents but my attorney admitted to me their lawyers do not prepare letters or legal brief. They trained some writers to write letters. Maybe that's why my case was denied.

- Very sad that I didn't carefully check reviews before I sign the contract - - - 8/3/2021 1:37:37 PM
It seems Ellis Porter outsourced their legal briefs to remote contractors. I found their job posts online. They were hiring remote writers who are paid based on projects. The legal brief or recommendation letter you receive from Ellis Porter may not be written by a qualified attorney, but by temporary contractors who have no license and no proper knowledge of immigration law. Friends, I must bring this issue to your attention because I had a terrible experience working with Ellis Porter. They use paralegals/contractors to handle clients' cases. Before I signed the contract with Ellis Porter, the attorney told me that he will correspond with me directly, but it was not the case after I started to work with him. I rarely received direct help from my attorney, and it was the paralegal/contractor who responded to me most of the time. Also, they are really slow in drafting letters. They just delay the drafts again and again. I waited a long time to receive my recommendation letters from them. I am very sad that I didn't carefully check reviews before I sign the contract with them. There are many complaints about Ellis Porter in immigration forums and there is a serious complaint about them on the Better Business Bureau website. Now I share my experience here and hope I can help other people.

- Attorneys without integrity are not trustworthy - - - 12/18/2022 7:24:37 PM
My NIW was denied working with Ellis Porter. USCIS said that the letters Ellis Porter sent them didn't say much about my work or give any good examples. Even though my work is important to the US and I have a lot of publications and citations, Ellis Porter was not able to get my NIW approved. Furthermore, I heard from my friend that the lawyers prepared review and asked him to post it on the internet. Now, I feel I was cheated by Ellis Porter. This is an unethical and possibly illegal practice. I never thought most of the reviews were prepared by the law firm staff themselves. Attorneys without integrity are not trustworthy.

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