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Marfo Ebenezer

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Career Profile

Degree: Bachelor's Degree
Career Level: Entry Level
Occupation: Education, Training, and Library
Career Title: Middle School Teachers, Except Special and Career/Technical Education, Elementary School Teachers, Except Special Education, Teachers and Instructors, All Other
Target Title: Teaching, Office Assistant
Skills: teaching; data entry; Management; Office Administration; Information Technology; Education and Training;
Goal: Educational Leadership: I want to use my management experience to move into a leadership role within a school or educational institution. This include any positions such as principal, assistant principal, department head, or curriculum coordinator. Teacher Training and Professional Development: With my classroom experience and management skills, I also want to become a mentor or coach for other teachers. Educational Technology: I also want to Leverage your teaching expertise to work in the Edutech industry. I want to contribute to the development of education by developing educational software, online learning platforms, or instructional technology tools that enhance the teaching and learning experience.
HighLight: Effective Classroom Instruction: Demonstrating a track record of effective teaching, including high student engagement, improved academic performance, and positive feedback from students and parents. Leadership Roles: Serving in leadership positions within a company, such as a manager. Management of Resources: Effectively managing company, classroom resources, budgets, and materials to enhance learning and working experience. Conflict Resolution: Demonstrating the ability to resolve conflicts among students, colleagues, or workers in a constructive and fair manner. Innovative Teaching Practices: Incorporating innovative teaching methods and technology into the classroom to enhance the learning experience.
Marfo Ebenezer is Teaching, Office Assistant(Education, Training, and Library) from Kumasi,Ashanti Ghana.


National Disaster Management Kumasi, Ashanti Region Ghana
Industry: Public Sector
10/2021 - 09/2022
Field Officer
As a field worker, Move around my designated area to observe and report any critical or impending disaster to top officials

Kumasi Senior High School Kumasi, Ashanti Region Ghana
Industry: Education and training
01/2021 - 05/2021
Teaching Assistant
I organized instructional materials, teach the students where necessary, mark assignments and quizzes and assist in lesson delivery

Appi-Kay Enterprise Kumasi, Ashanti Region Ghana
Industry: wholesale and retailing
09/2021 - 09/2023
I was responsible for hiring and training of workers, keeping records, assist in decision making, allocation of resources and reporting to top management

The Hour of Faith School Kumasi, Ashanti Region Ghana
Industry: Education and training
09/2016 - 09/2017
Class teacher
I taught class, engage with the students, mark tests and quizzes


University of Education Winneba Kumasi, Ashanti Region, Ghana
10/2017 - 09/2021
Degree: Bachelor's Degree
Major:Education Information Technology
A bachelor's degree in Information Technology (IT) Education is a program of study focused on preparing students for careers in the field of Education and IT. It typically covers a wide range of topics related to: Pedagogies Learning theories Various instructional delivery methodologies Computer systems Software development Networking IT management

Resume(verified employer only)

Teacher with Management Exp.

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