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Michael Calver

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Career Profile

Degree: Bachelor's Degree
Career Level: Fully Competent
Occupation: IT and Math
Career Title: Computer Occupations, All Other, Computer Programmers, Software Developers, Systems Software
Target Title: Technical Lead, Technical Consultant
Target Locations: san diego, CA , los angeles, CA , san francisco, CA
Skills: Autodesk Maya; Autodesk 3DS Max; Maxon Cinema 4D; Adobe Creative Cloud; VR; Virtual; Reality; Augmented; Reality; Immersive; Technology; Management; Funding; Computer; Graphics; Simulation; 3D; modeling; Environments; Training; Teaching; Lecturing; 3DS; Maya; Autodesk; Leadership; Business; Development; LiDAR; Vray; Presentation; AR; MR; XR; Consultation; Consulting; Consultant; Technical; Lead; Innovation; Software; Design; Production;
Goal: To lead the development, design and implementation of in-house capabilities, products and services focused around 3D Computer Graphics and Immersive Technology. Currently, I am assisting companies operating in the architecture, engineering, construction and automotive industries during the adoption of emerging technologies. Ultimately this is intended to help democratise technologies such as those found within the immersive, simulation and Artificial Intelligence technology spaces, typically with a dependency on Advanced Visualisation and Computer Graphics.
HighLight: I have designed and developed world leading simulation, visualisation and design tools for use in Motorsport, Manufacturing, Retail, Automotive and Design industries. I've also been fortunate enough to work for prestigious companies such as Red Bull Racing & Technology where I was able to help design and develop one of the most powerful simulation tools in Formula One.
Membership: Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), Catapult, Immerse UK, Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) and Rotary International
Reference: verified employer only
Michael Calver is Technical Lead, Technical Consultant(IT and Math) from Twickenham,Middlesex United Kingdom.


Theia Immersive London, Middlesex United Kingdom
Industry: Design
12/2017 - current
Co-founder and Director
Leading the formation, growth and technical direction of Theia Immersive, a spin-out company from the Connected Places Catapult based in the UK. Theia Immersive brings people together using immersive technologies to support, educate and inform the design process, leading to well-considered spaces, places, products and services that work for everyone in society.
• High-level decision-making about policy and strategy. • Development and implementation of operational policies and a strategic plan. • Acting as the primary spokesperson for the company and managing key accounts. • Prototyping and design of new products and services. • Building and managing relationships with clients and collaborators. • Overseeing day-to-day operations of the business. • Funds management. • Providing technical leadership for the company and delivering products and services to our customers. • Hands on development of products and services.
Connected Places Catapult Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire United Kingdom
Industry: Architecture, Transport and Urban Design
05/2016 - 10/2019
Senior Technologist
The Connected Places Catapult (previously Transport Systems Catapult) is one of a network of elite technology and innovation centres established by Innovate UK as a long-term investment in the UK’s economic capability. Applying business-led research, Catapults help businesses transform great ideas into valuable products and services to compete in the global markets of tomorrow.
• The management and design of world-class, cutting-edge Visualisation, Design, XR (VR, AR, MR), products and tools used globally within the transport and architectural design sectors. • Production of accurate, optimised, high visual fidelity simulation environments and assets using an array of highly accurate geospatial data sets, advanced content creation methods and cutting edge immersive technologies. • Creation and Development of large scale Virtual Test Environments and Digital Twins for Autonomous Vehicle Testing, Systems Design, HMI/UI/UX trialing and Interior/Exterior Design features. • Placing designers, decision makers, stakeholders and consortium partners into immersive 3D environments to provide contextual, meaningful and relevant information to enable them to make better, more informed decisions. • R&D of improved content creation and workflow methods to assist in the removal of barriers whilst creating large scale, accurate, optimised and high visual fidelity virtual worlds. • Business Development and engagement with organisations within the UK operating within Transport, Construction, Training and Urban Design sectors. • Supporting companies whilst adopting emerging technologies. • Capability building and presentation to external parties and collaborators. • Project Management, People Management, Budget Management and Bid Writing. Responsible for several successful, high-value bids for the organisation. • Hosting and development of Virtual User Trials for a major UK OEM using immersive technologies combined with highly accurate, believable and contextual 3D environments.
The University of Leeds Leeds, West Yorkshire United Kingdom
Industry: Research
07/2015 - 12/2016
Simulation, Immersive Technology and Computer Graphics Consultant
The University of Leeds Driving Simulator (UoLDS) is one of the most advanced worldwide in a research environment and allows research into driver behaviour to be performed in accurately controlled and repeatable laboratory conditions.
• Advanced Real-time Computer Graphics implementation for the UK's most advanced publicly available driving simulation tool used by leading car manufacturers, along with The Department For Transport. • Consultation focused on simulation and graphical advancements with the use of cutting edge immersive technologies and advanced real-time graphics engines. • Real-time content creation and virtual environment production using highly accurate geospatial data sets. • Collaboration with external teams working alongside the University. • Research and report writing for the University of Leeds Institute for Transport Studies. • R&D of new techniques to implement into the UoLDS production pipeline. • Proof of Concept development, environment design and content creation for use across multiple departments and groups. • Use Case, Functional Requirement and Workflow Development. • Assessment of existing capabilities and recommendations for future development.
Red Bull Racing & Red Bull Technology Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire United Kingdom
Industry: Formula One / Motorsport
12/2014 - 01/2017
3D Designer (Simulation)
The introduction of a ban on most on-track testing a few years ago forced Formula 1 teams to adopt new and innovative ways to develop their cars. Strapped in the cockpit of a 'virtual' car, any driver can now drive hundreds of laps around any circuit on the planet. Engineers also use the work done on the simulator to compare various settings. Does the car become twitchier with less downforce? How do the lap times compare? They can now answer these questions, and others, without ever having to do a single lap of an actual race track.
• Working as part of a design and development team on one of Formula One's most advanced driving simulators and race simulators. This is from a CGI, 3D Modelling, virtual environment creation and workflow perspective. • Migration of simulation tools from rFactor to Unity, enabling the team to develop their own Unity-based simulation solutions and remain ahead of other teams. • Recruitment of talent from the gaming industry to assist in the large scale production of AAA quality 3D content. • Production of accurate, optimised and high visual fidelity simulation environments and assets using an array of highly accurate geospatial data sets, advanced bespoke content creation methods and cutting edge immersive technologies. • Working with complex data sets such as Point Cloud, OS and in-house survey data to produce millimetre accurate virtual replicas of Formula One circuits. • Developing methods of converting surfaces produced in Siemens NX into optimised, triangulated polygon meshes for use during race simulation and practise. • R&D of new techniques and technologies to implement into the production pipeline of in-house simulation tools. • CAD Data Optimisation using consumer-grade modeling software (3DS Max) and ANSA. • Development of new rendering and simulation techniques to simulate lighting conditions, track surface conditions, weather and tyre condition. • Worked as part of the design team on the recently introduced Halo system.
Coventry University Coventry, Warwickshire United Kingdom
Industry: Education
12/2014 - 12/2019
Senior Visiting Lecturer
My role at Coventry University was primarily to help aspiring 3D and Digital Artists to realise their ambitions of working within the games and digital arts industries. This was achieved through practical, hands on sessions where students could get to grips with 3D Modelling techniques and principles. Importantly, the sessions also provided students with a broad overview of the potential uses of 3D computer graphics.
• Teaching students of multiple discipline 3D Computer Graphics focused topics, including 3D Modeling and Animation. • Encouraging and enabling students to explore the potential of Computer Graphics in its many forms as part of their coursework, through to post graduation. • Introducing students to the potential of Advanced Visualisation and its potential across all industries. • Running workshops designed to provide staff members with an insight into the Computer Graphics Industry to enable them to effectively support students and develop new, Computer Graphics focused courses. • Course content design, planning and authoring. • Lecture planning, preparation and research.
Pluralsight London, Middlesex United Kingdom
Industry: Education
10/2014 - current
Author and Guest Tutor
At Pluralsight, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to create progress through technology and develop the skills of tomorrow. With assessments, learning paths and courses authored by industry experts, our platform helps businesses and individuals benchmark expertise across roles, speed up release cycles and build reliable, secure products.
• Creative Development tutorial creation for Pluralsight, enterprise technology learning platform. • Using storytelling, enthusiasm, and expertise to communicate concepts and demonstrate tasks and techniques. • Authoring and delivery of courses focusing on the use of real-time computer graphics and games industry technologies for non gaming applications, now commonly known as enterprise solutions.
Clever Mango Rugby, Warwickshire United Kingdom
Industry: Design
05/2014 - 12/2016
Co-founder, Director and 3D Visualiser
We are a group of Designers, Software Developers and Artists, with a passion for delivering high-quality content designed to improve sales and user experience.
• Providing Digital Media and bespoke content to organisations worldwide. • Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality mobile systems development for major brand store design and development. • Application development, client requirement, Use Case and Functional Requirement gathering and development. • Photorealistic visualisation work for Blue Chip organisations, operating primarily in the retail sector. • Project management and technical leadership of in-house client projects. • 3D Visualisation of architectural plans, using Autodesk 3DS Max and Vray. • Rapid visualisation of designs throughout the design process using bespoke workflow methods and real-time engines such as Unity and Unreal. • Providing cost saving benefits to clients by enabling them to visualise designs throughout the design process, allowing them to spot issues early on. • Presentation of content using immersive technologies such as VR, MR and AR. • 3D Modelling of architectural designs and interior assets.
Wanzl Warwick, Warwickshire United Kingdom
Industry: Design and Manufacturing
08/2014 - 01/2016
Immersive Technology & Computer Graphics Consultant
Enabling a recognised global leader in Shop Solutions, Retail Systems, Logistics & Industry, Airport & Security Solutions and Hotel Service business divisions to successfully adopt emerging technologies such as Virtual and Augmented Reality.
• Design and Development Lead of bespoke in-house Visualisation tools and systems, designed to assist in the design and sale of Wanzl products. • Augmented and Virtual Reality application design and integration into existing workflows and tool sets. • Supporting the adoption of new technologies designed to deliver immersive experiences, in a low cost, streamlined and visually believable manner. • Management and Training of Software Developers and CAD Engineers during the development and integration of new tools and systems. • Implementation of new technologies into cross-departmental design practise. • Design and implementation of new workflows to compliment existing design processes. • Development of visual content across the organisations, using Real-Time and Offline rendering methods. • Photorealistic content creation as part of store design processes.
Wren Living Barton-Upon-Humber, East Yorkshire United Kingdom
Industry: Design, Manufacturing and Retail
04/2012 - 04/2014
Lead 3D Artist and Designer
Design and development for a bespoke Room Planning tool for the UK's fastest growing furniture retailer.
• Design and development for a bespoke Room Planning tool for the UK's fastest growing furniture retailer. • Implementation of features and development specifications relating to the future direction of the software. • Engaging with teams across the organisation, as well as showroom staff nationwide to ensure that they had access to the most robust and capable tool to assist during the sale of products. • Training staff members nationwide on the use of the planning tool. • Bug tracking and bug fixing. • Design and implementation of an industry first method of producing photorealistic room sets and scenes based around a customer/user-generated real-time design. • Enabling the organisation to adopt new technologies and integration into the production pipeline. • Providing photo-realistic content to the marketing department for use in TV commercials, nationwide brochures, in store advertisements and touch screen applications installed nationwide. • Implementation of photorealistic scenes within the Unity engine, utilising the power of Vray, via several bespoke in-house tools. • Product visualisation using low polygon modelling techniques, UV mapped, textured and animated to real world specifications. • Recruitment of talent nationwide to fulfil roles within the design and software development teams within the organisation.
Wren Kitchens Howden, East Yorkshire United Kingdom
Industry: Design, Manufacturing and Retail
04/2011 - 04/2012
3D Artist and Designer
Design and development for a bespoke Room Planning tool for the UK's fastest growing furniture retailer.
• Design and development for a bespoke Room Planning tool for the UK's fastest growing furniture retailer. • Product visualisation and content creation for use within the organisations bespoke design tools. • Producing accurate representations of products using low polygon modelling techniques, UV mapped, textured and animated to real world specification. • Photorealistic visualisation of products throughout the design process and marketing activities.


The University of Hull Hull, East Yorkshire, United Kingdom
09/2006 - 09/2009
Degree: Bachelor's Degree
This hands-on course teaches you how to solve creative problems using advanced digital technologies and prepares you for graduate careers in the field of digital design and technology. This will provide you with the rounded skills and experience needed to excel in a rapidly changing and dynamic industry.

Resume(verified employer only)

Michael Calver Technical, Lead, Immersive, Technology, Virtual, Reality, 3D, Augmented, Realty, Simulation, Automotive, Design, Manufacturing, CAD, Optimization, BIM

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