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Proficient Business Systems, Inc (PROBYS, INC) visa rank:Unranked
2400 Meadowbrook Parkway Duluth, GA, 30096
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Rate and Review Proficient Business Systems, Inc (PROBYS, INC)

- Very good company. - - System Analyst - 1/5/2017 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I have been working with Proficient Business Systems for four years. They are nice, friendly, and very professional; I never had any issues with them. I would Highly Recommend to anyone who is seeking trouble free employment and career.

- Dishonest company - - - 12/14/2016 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Dishonest company. Fake self reviews. Dishonest company. Fake self reviews.

- I-140 revoked - - JAVA Developer - 10/12/2016 - flag as inappropriate - comment
As soon as you move out from this company, they will revoke your I-140. You will be out of status and you will have to move to home country.
     Venkat - 10/27/2016 - Are there any companies keep live I140 if consultants leave them? I never heard about it. For filing any I-140, a company has to furnish their financials to USCIS.
For an example, a company has 25 employees, and revenue for each candidate is 100K per year is required to sustain him/her in the company. For filing GC, company shows a revenue of 2.5 million ( 25 x 100K). Assuming all the I-140s are approved, now two people leave them and company decides not to revoke their I-140’s. For the next filing, company has to show revenue of 2.7 million ( 200K extra for the new ppl). Since company only has projected revenue of 2.5 million, the next person's I-140 may get rejected or all their existing I-140 could be jeopardized.
In fact, it is advisable to withdraw the I-140 voluntarily if anyone leaves.
- flag
     Software Engineer - 12/14/2016 - My friends I140 was revoked by Probys after he left them. Avoid this petty company at all costs. - flag
      - 1/5/2017 - Your friend left them, they revoked his I140, and you are writing reviews for him, wonderful! What a friendship :) - flag
      - 1/8/2017 - May God bless you and your family. May his mercy, grace and love shine on you. - flag

- I enjoyed working here. - - Prakash Reddy - 3/15/2016 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Working for 5 years with them. Nice people and Good benefits, long term job, filed GC in time, 4 weeks paid time off, and bi-weekly payment. What else I want, No issues so far.
     Reddy - 4/2/2016 - Another fake review. They started paying bi weekly salary from last feb. there is nothing special about bi weekly pay. what difference does it make compared to monthly salary? nothing.

4 weeks paid time off - absolute cheating. They give only 2 weeks PTO and they will simply include 10 national holidays as 2 weeks PTO.

Good benefits - how do you say good benefits when you pay approximately 1000$ for medicals? So many consulting companies are offering affordable benefits than probys.

Please stop writing fake reviews.

- flag

- they cheat you and bypass you - - - 12/8/2015 - flag as inappropriate - comment
careful with this company . If you are submiting your consultant very careful with them . They always try to bypass you . No ethicks

- Reasonable good people! - - Bob - 10/6/2015 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Not a bad place to work, salary in time, stable job, and no financial issues. I will recommend them.

- Amazing an IT company. - - Vijay Kumar - 6/4/2015 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I came to know about PROBYS through one of my friends who has been working with them for 5 years. I am happy to find a good employer and got a Java developer job in two days. They have transferred my H1B without any problem. I heard a GC process was getting delayed due to Fragomen, however, my case was filed by a different attorney. So far so good, no issues at all.

      - 8/14/2015 - They don't have health insurance at the affordable rate .We have to buy outside

They don't use FRAGOMEN for H1B filing but instead they formed legal team for H1B filing .Their service sucks and they don't even respond to email.Very disappointment for most of the employees.

I don't know why they work on more margin when other consulting company can do it less. - flag
      - 8/22/2015 - They always get more money from clients but always tell you that they have very very less margin or no margin on your case. They use margin as a gimmick to keep your expectations low.

- flag

- Probys genuine feedback needed - - CuriousGeorge - 2/2/2015 - flag as inappropriate - comment

I need some genuine advice about Probys. Most of below reviews seem written by company itself.
Apart from health insurance costs, are there any negatives?
Is the GC process seriously getting delayed due to Fragomen. Can some employees undergoing the process speak up..thanks!
     Naseer - 6/9/2015 - Hi CuriousGeorge,

I would like to thank you for the interest you have shown in PROBYS. I respect everybody's opinion, the good, the bad, the indifferent. Everybody has the right to express their own opinion about someone. All of these reviews have collectively helped us to improve the service. We try our level best to satisfy our consultants and deliver a good service. If you need any further information, please contact me at 847-275-5561 / and I will provide you some of our employee numbers, and you can talk to them directly. Naseer.
- flag

- Its just a body shop... Five stars is fake reviews - - QA - 1/24/2015 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I am shocked to see 5 star reviews! They should be from paid employees. They eat up your money and you will not see a penny back. Low salaries. Sudden policy changes. It is like a BIG PAIN dealing with this company.

- Nice company to work with. - - Anjani Dachavaram - 1/23/2015 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I have started working for Probys Since previous month and they have done a great Job in Processing my H1B visa without any Issues.There is absolutely NO WORRY what so ever with regard to Salary / Pay etc. Probys is one company that moves along the law book and keep you out of legal haggles. They are always ahead in making sure that you always meet all legal requirements and stay compliant with immigration policies.I have enjoyed thoroughly my stay at Probys an would Highly Recommend Probys to anyone who is seeking worry free employment and career. I personally thank Abhishek, Basheer and Baal a for processing my visa without any issues.

- PROBYS = GREEDY - - - 1/22/2015 - flag as inappropriate - comment

- Not a good company health insurance sucks.. and no benefits - - - 1/10/2015 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Probys was acquired by another company called ACS. That changed everything for this company. Health insurance sucks.. you wont be informed in advance about health insurance. This is one of the blood sucking company. if you are working on me your blood will be sucked out of you. I do not recommend this company. Only positive point is immigration. Sorry I should have said was immigration because even that's changing with their arrogance and cheap nature.

bottom line they suck every thing out of you billing rate.

- Not a good company to join - - JAVA Consultant - 1/2/2015 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Probys had been getting immigration services from one of the Michigan based immigration firms. Now they have replaced them with Fragomen. Though Fragomen is a reputed law firm, they will delay the paperwork for long. So getting a Green Card through Probys is going to be really hard. Sometimes they ask money to pay attorney charge for filing H1B. They don't provide relocation allowances. If you get short term projects, you will keep paying for relocation expense.90% of the time they don't provide client letters for H1B stamping. They will say client letter is not a mandatory document and will be provided if you face any issue during stamping interview.

- Worst Health Insurance plans ever - - - 12/25/2014 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Probys health insurance costs are outrageous. For the year 2015,to get a family health insurance plan from Probys, you have to pay 1800$. For Dental and other coverages, you have to pay additionally.So you will end up paying 2000$.

What exactly they do is they will get money from you and pay employer and employee contributions from your contribution itself. To get a decent family health and dental plan, you would have to pay 2000$. Out of 2000$, employer contribution is 1000$ and your contribution is 1000$. In short, they don't pay their contributions. Some times they will tell you to choose high deductible plan if you want to pay less or no for your health plans. But per person the deductible is 12000$ which is nothing but making you pay all your medical expenses from your pocket.

Just think, you can get better plans from market place for 1000$.

I believe almost all of the reviews about Probys are written by themselves.
      - 12/25/2014 - Actually they would have taken the plan where both employer and employee joint contribution is around 1000$/month. Since they make you believe that the employee contribution itself 1000$, they will pay nothing from their pocket.

- flag

- Great place and people to work with, PROBYS helps people to get Jobs - - JAVA Architect - 8/12/2014 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I heard about this company a lot through my friends. I talked to Naseer couple of months ago, I was completely surprised and pleased that Naseer were very informational with any questions I had asked from H1B to GC process, he showed much patience with explaining all the details. I felt they cared about my needs, I was pleased with my total experience and I joined them immediately and I don’t have any regrets. Also, I would recommend if anyone looking long-term job and good employer.

- Good Consulting Company... - - Ram - 5/5/2014 - flag as inappropriate - comment
This is the first company I started to work in USA. Probys had filed my H1B while I was in India and I am still working with them for 5 years. I don’t know much about the market, but I heard the horrible stories about consulting firms. I love working with them they have very cool staff, especially Naseer, he is an asset to the company. He is very knowledgeable, soft spoken, always ready to help, and resolve my issues. So far, the best part is no major issues at all, I get what I supposed to and I am happy. I will post if ever things get haywire which I hope will not. Touchwood

- Honest and Ethical Company - - Bejoy - 3/11/2014 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I have been employed with Probys for close to 2 years and can state with confidence that Probys stands out a honest and ethical company for IT professionals. They are very transparent in all their activities and do take good care of their employees. I will highly recommend them as an employer for anyone who planning to pursue a consulting career in USA.

- Cool Company - - Pavan - 3/11/2014 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I have been with PROBYS for a while now and so far things are going smooth, they sponsored my H1B and also the Green Card process has also been started within the first 3 months. My account manager, Naseer, is a very professional person and always there for my help. I would love to recommend to anyone who wants to join a cool company.

- Best Honest Company - - Purusharth Mahay - 2/26/2014 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I am part of Probys for more than 5 years. These people are truly professional. They understand your problem and they are the best in this industry for immigration purposes. They don't have anything to hide with you, very clear, honest, transparent team.

I know Baala(Director-Probys) and he's a true professional. He always look for you/consultant benefit first rather than company benefit. Even the entire team of probys is very professional and you can reach out to anyone at any point of time.

They have best immigration attorneys and they also very easily approachable and honest to share things. They won't try to make you fool to earn some extra dollars rather they give very fair and clear details so that you are comfortable and understand the things.

There are no delays for salaries at all. Always on time or rather sometime before time as well. But not even a single minute delay of salaries.

I would definitely recommend to anyone who is planning to have decent and peaceful green card process/immigration in U.S.A

- Stands out as one if the best - - Sathish - 12/30/2013 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I worked with three consulting companies during my four years tenure on H1B, but they all made false promises and ditched me. After getting a job in PROBYS, I was thrilled to learn that PROBYS provides a wonderful service and comprehensive benefits. In addition an excellent service provided by my account manager, Naseer, he is available at any time for 24X7. A great overall experience, this one stands out as one if the best.

- Changing a company is an intimidating process.. - - JAVA Architect - 12/10/2013 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Changing a company can be an intimidating process and that is why it’s very important to have an honest and knowledgeable company who can support you all the way in your immigration process. After doing a lot of research I found PROBYS is very reliable and reasonable company in the market. I joined PROBYS and they did a fantastic work by filing H1B application which got approved in no time and also they filed my GC.

- A good and ethical company with lot of direct clients - - Reddy - 10/9/2013 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I have been working with this company for 4 years, and I am still in the same project with a hassle free life to move around in USA with each new project. PROBYS is specialized in State and Federal Government projects. Most of the jobs are their direct client’s projects, so no problems either with H1 or GC. Has a good reputation of fair business, I never heard of any issues with anybody. If any issues arise or any difficulties come, Mr. Naseer, my account manager, is there to take care of it. PROBYS is Highly recommendable.
     Sridhar - 11/19/2013 - Hi Naseer, can you please provide me any other email address? I tried to send an email at but it bounced back. - flag
     Naseer - 11/20/2013 - Sridhar, sometimes it happens for various reasons, you can send me an email at or please call me at 847-275-5561. - flag

- Nicest and most effective consulting firm I've ever worked with - - - 9/25/2013 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I was with Probys for three years. I remember my colleagues there as warm and caring and my account manager as always helping me juggle my professional life with my immigration status (which is as important as your work if you're on a visa) with advises that truly was right for me. The entire management team has this wonderful work ethic of balancing company's interest with consultants' in as fair a manner as possible, which is rare in the business. I wish for the continued success of the company.

- Very good company - - Sai - 9/25/2013 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I worked over 2 years with them. They are really friendly, professional, and I never had any problem with payment. If any issues occurs, they resolve it in no time. I referred couple of friends of mine and they seem to be very happy as well. Wonderful marketing, very friendly and cooperative staff especially Naseer who was my point of contact in PROBYS. Good thing about PROBYS is everything is transparent. Excellent company, I truly enjoy working with them.

- Why so many good reviews? - - Mohammed - 9/6/2013 - flag as inappropriate - comment
No wonder, why they have so many good reviews. At least, twenty PROBYS’s people are working with me on the same project , and everyone is very happy. I have been working for 4 years. Before coming to PROBYS, I worked with two different employers and I can feel the difference. They are very fair and very professional. Best of luck!

- Best IT Consulting Services Comany for H1-Bs I have known - - Venkata Nauduri - 8/27/2013 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I have worked at (Proficient Business Systems Inc.(Probys) since Sept'05 and have never had to worry about anything. The management, my lead have always been there to address my concerns as soon as I brought them to their notice. Many a time the management went off the way to help me in need. They provide the best advise to consultants with the future of the consultant in mind and always stand by their word. There is absolutely NO WORRY what so ever with regard to Salary / Pay etc. Probys is one company that moves along the law book and keep you out of legal haggles. They are always ahead in making sure that you always meet all legal requirements and stay compliant with immigration policies. Probys has excellent record in successful processing of H1-B visas and Green Cards. I have enjoyed thoroughly my stay at Probys an would Highly Recommend Probys to anyone who is seeking worry free employment and career.

- Excellent sevice - - Srikanth - 8/5/2013 - flag as inappropriate - comment
One thing that definitely stood out about the level of service at PROBYS is the quick response I always get. It felt like I mattered to the company and that there would be someone available 365 days a year to respond to my concerns. I wish PROBYS a lot of success!

- Best company in IT business - - Srinivas - 7/19/2013 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I worked with PROBYS for 7 years and I rate this company as Best company in IT business. PROBYS is the BEST because they have wonderfull staff such as Naseer, Basheer, and Baala. I know these people; they are very committed & they deliver their best (200%). PROBYS is Highly recommendable.

- Great people - - EX Employee - Mahbub Rehman - 6/11/2013 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I worked with 2 employers prior to PROBYS and I got cheated by both previous companies. I was with PROBYS for almost 4 years, later,I took a full time job with one of PROBYS clients. Without any argument or hassle they gave me a waiver of non-compete (release letter) to join the client. Great people.I highly recommend to join them.
      - 6/25/2013 - Do they hire fresh graduates for training and placement? - flag
     Naseer - 11/20/2013 - Do we do hire fresh graduates. - flag
     Naseer - 11/21/2013 - Yes, we do hire fresh graduates, please send me your resume at - flag

- 10 out of 10 rating company! - - Oracle DBA - 5/31/2013 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I give 10 out of 10 for their placement and service. Got job in less than 24 hours, same day interview and confirmation.

- 24/7/365 to Service!!! - - Lead Java Architect - 5/13/2013 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I have been with PROBYS for almost eight years and very satisfied with them. Very few companies are there in market that give you such a wonderfu service. They are always ready to help their employees at any time 24/7. You can be assured that they will do whatever it takes to get your problem soloved.
      - 5/17/2013 - Hi,

I am planning to join this company. I do not know if they are or are just like other consultancy companies.could please share your experience a little more..

Seeker... - flag
     Vijay - 5/20/2013 - You don’t regret by joining PROBYS; some of the benefits you will get here:
Easy placement, direct deposit, pay on-time, excellent benefits and they follow strictly Immigration and Tax guidelines. Moreover, they will give you all yours approved GC processing docs (Labor & I140), generally consulting companies charges money to give such documents.
- flag
     Naseer - 5/21/2013 - For any question please contact me via email or telephone (847) 247 8470 Ext. 132 - Naseer - flag
     Naseer - 6/24/2013 - Please contact me on my cell# 847-275-5561 for any further info.

Naseer @ 847-275-5561 - flag

- One of the good companies out there - - Venkatesh - 5/7/2013 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I have been working with PROBYS since 2010. They are very nice, good and clean documentation for H1B, and Immigration related matters. Naseer, the account manager, is very helpful and gives a good advice, he doesn’t force for anything. I strongly recommend to join this company based on my experience.

- Wonderful marketing and recruiting team!! - - .net Developer - 5/2/2013 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I joined PROBYS in late 2008 when Recession was knocking at the door. They took care of me in 2009, bad phase of economy, kept me in job with a decent salary. Wonderful marketing and recruiting teams. I highly recommend if you are looking for a career growth with out any hassle.

- A great experience - - JAVA Consultant - Venkat - 4/18/2013 - flag as inappropriate - comment
They have always provided me an excellent service, have always gone above and beyond to fix issues when/as the arise.
I truly enjoy working with them! A great experience!

- Highly recommended - - Mainframe Developer - 4/1/2013 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I am with Probys since 2006, they take care of me very well, moreover treated me like a family member. PROBYS shows personal care and treat consultants with humanitarian look. I recommend Probys is the best for people want growth in career and profession.

- Excellent Company - - Pothineni Chandrasekhar - Java - Lead Analyst - 3/14/2013 - flag as inappropriate - comment
My Experience with Proficient Business Systems is excellent, when no one dared to do H1B's for people staying out in India, this company processed H1B visa's for 5 people that i know and all got stamped without any issues and one more good news is that everything fair, they have not charged single rupee from me as of now for their service and visa cost. It's really incredible.

I am working with one of the top world bank in a very big role but after seeing their support i have resigned in India and joining with them very shortly. As i am already getting good package in India i have doubted about the step i have taken is correct or not? but this people have placed me while i am still in India. I am going to USA on direct job. It's really awesome and very good team out there to help.

All the best team continue to do the same good work. I am fortunate to associate with this organization.

- Is it an E-Verify company? - - JAVA OPT consultant - 3/8/2013 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I read good reviews about PROBYS and wanted to find is it an E-Verify company? I searched E-Verify Employer Database of and did not find PROBYS name. Please let me know.
     Sandeep - 3/8/2013 - Yes, PROBYS is E-verified company. - flag
     PROBYS - 3/11/2013 - YES, we are eVerify Approved - PROBYS - flag
     Naseer - 3/11/2013 - Please search as "Proficient Business Systems" to to locate the Name. - flag

- Hassle free people - - Architect - Suresh - 3/1/2013 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I have been with Probys since 2009 and have had no issues. Salary on time with direct deposit, they transfer my H1B and filed Greencard on time without any money charging to me. One great thing is they provided me all copies of my GC related documents (Labor and I140 approvals), generally consulting companies don’t trust their consultants. I have no issues so far with this company and the marketing & recruiting team is excellent.

- Reliable company - - JAVA Consultant - 2/20/2013 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I had finished my Masters in US, they guided me properly and got me a very good project on OPT. Also, later they filed my H1B and GC without charging me anything. It is a reliable company.

     Training and Placement? - 6/25/2013 - I want to know if this company offers training and placement service or just a placement? - flag

- Stable job in a rough economy - - QA/Business Analyst - 2/19/2013 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I have been associated with PROBYS for close to 4 plus years. They are professional and I got placed in a week's time and still my project is going on. I highly recommend this company to one and all.

- No issues - - Ex-employee - Build Engineer - 2/11/2013 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I am an ex employee of Probys and I was with them for 3+ years till I got my GC. They are very professional and lot of my friends also working with the company without meeting any of PROBYS staff in person.I never had any issues with the payroll. After I resigned from PROBYS they sent my final settlement in last paycheck and relieving letter without any issues.

- Great service - - Mainframe System Analyst - 2/8/2013 - flag as inappropriate - comment
The one thing that definitely stood out about the level of service at PROBYS was the quick response I always got from them. It always felt like I mattered to the company and that there would be someone available 24/7 to respond to my concerns. I highly recommend them.

- Perfect package - - Mohammed - .net Developer - 2/1/2013 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Though, I joined Probys a year back, but my experience with them is great,. Pay ontime, bonus, medical insurance and 4 weeks paid time off, quick response for any of my issue. No money for H1B and GC filing. Highly qualified professionals and maintain a good relationship with their employees.

- Good Folks !!!!! - - - 1/30/2013 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I am not an employee of the company but I came across them and tried to find out more about their policies. They immediately helped me with all the information, made me feel very comfortable. I think I will be in the right hands very shortly.

- Wonderful people.. - - JAVA Developer - 1/28/2013 - flag as inappropriate - comment
My experience with Probys, Inc is a very pleasant one. They are genuine and keep up their commitments. The staff is really good and they are professional. I would highly recommend to join them.

- Great Place to work - - Ramesh - 1/25/2013 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I have seen so many friends suffering because of false promises by consulting companies. I am really lucky to be associated with Probys, nice people with a nice attitude and ready to help their employees any time 24/7.
I highly recommend for anyone who wants a stable and long term job.

- Decent Employer: - - John - 1/23/2013 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Makes quick placement, direct deposit and pay on-time, excellent benefits and follows strictly Immigration/Tax guidelines.

- Fast service – the right place for a right person - - Ravi - 1/23/2013 - flag as inappropriate - comment
The day I submitted my resume to Probys, and they had setup an immediate interview on same day and confirmed me within two hours - wow. All I can just say; it’s THE RIGHT PLACE FOR A RIGHT PERSON.

- Most Professional Company - - - 1/22/2013 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Most Professional Company. In addition, you'll get paid on time and you'll receive whatever they have committed.

- Excellent marketing team - - Kumar - 1/22/2013 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I am with PROBYS for 5 years and they are amazing. They DO NOT charge for H1B filing, and they immediately filed for my green card. The best part is that they have an excellent marketing team and active network of clients and vendors.

- ProBys - h1b contact details - - chiru - 1/17/2013 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I would like to takeup h1b visa with this company. Please provide me a contact details to contact the right person.
      - 1/22/2013 - (847) 247 8470 Ext. 132 / Email: - flag
      - 5/19/2013 - How I can join this company..
Need Information..
- flag
     Naseer - 5/22/2013 - Please send me your resume with contact details at call me(847) 247 8470 Ext.132 - Naseer - flag

- JAVA Programmer - - - 1/16/2013 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Management, resourcing and accounting managers are very smart, and company atmosphere is such that any of them are accessible whenever you have any questions.

- JAVA Consultant - - - 1/15/2013 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I have been working with Probys for more than 3 years. It is a pleasure to work with professional people and I would highly recommend PROBYS.

- SAP Consultant - - - 7/30/2012 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I worked with PROBYS for more than seven years and I found them very professional. I highly recommend PROBYS, if anybody wants to join.

- Consultant - - - 4/10/2012 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Based on my experience with this company, PROBYS is an excellent company to work with. You get timely help from Account and resource managers they are very professional.
I highly recommend PROBYS as “Excellent service with an excellent company “

- Manager - - - 4/9/2012 - flag as inappropriate - comment
An ethical company, friendly people, you will get all the opportunities, As per my experience this is a good company to work.

You are welcome to share your working, interview or application experience with Proficient Business Systems, Inc (PROBYS, INC) as well as its owners or employees. Please avoid mentioning any names or using profanity and obscene languages when you are making comments.

Many of the reviews about H1B visa and green card sponsors on our web site are negative. Though this somewhat reflects one aspect of real immigrant labor market, you should do more research and use your own judgment to make decisions. Please be also aware that some reviews and comments were submitted by employers, competitors or disgruntled employee of Proficient Business Systems, Inc (PROBYS, INC).

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Proficient Business Systems, Inc (PROBYS, INC) has been rated by 56 people, the average rating is 4.3.

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