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Career Profile

Degree: Master's Degree
Career Level: Experienced
Occupation: IT and Math
Career Title: Software Developers, Applications, Software Developers, Systems Software, Computer Programmers
Target Title: Software Engineer, Manager
Target Locations: portland, OR
Skills: C language; Electron-Beam Lithography; Multilingual; Java; Embedded Systems; C++ language; Python language;
Goal: Being a professional for almost twenty years I always tried to improve my career not only through personal achievements at my former and current jobs, but also through some research in software and/or hardware related to embedded, real-time, ubiquitous and/or distributed systems. I am available to discuss new opportunities related to a permanent position abroad (outside Japan) as well as to consulting or freelance work (small projects only) inside Japan and/or abroad (in this case, via Internet ;-)
HighLight: I have a M.Sc. degree in Electronics Instrumentation (after graduating in Electrical and Electronics Engineering), reasonable working experience in a lot of different places in Brazil and Japan as well as some flexibility in working and getting along with people from completely different cultures. Being born in Brazil, with family roots in Italy & Germany, and married a Japanese woman (and living in Japan for more than ten years), I feel very comfortable when working and/or socializing with people from different backgrounds. Besides Portuguese, I can understand English and Spanish easily and also intermediate Japanese language. My preferred field of work is around electronics engineering (instrumentation & measurement, semiconductors, industrial automation, robotics, etc) and software development (design, programming, and testing).
Membership: * IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) January 1995 – Present Member of the following societies: - Instrumentation & Measurement Society, - Computer Society, - Robotics & Automation Society. * ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) January 2004 – Present * SPIE (Society of Photonics Instrumentation Engineers) January 2011 – Present
Certification: * Level 3 of the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (Association of International Education Japan and The Japan Foundation, Tokyo, Japan)
Honor: * Awarded one-year scholarship from AOTS (Association for Overseas Technical Scholarship) Date: 03/96 ~ 03/97 Place: Fujifacom Corporation - Hino-shi, Japan * Passed at Level 3 of the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (total score: 68.5/100) Date: 12/95 Place: Association of International Education Japan and The Japan Foundation, Tokyo, Japan * Awarded one-year scholarship from IAESTE (International Association for Exchange of Students for Technical Experience) Date: 01/90 ~ 01/91 Place: Toppan Printing Company - Sugito-machi, Japan
Reference: verified employer only
WILSON PARDI JUNIOR is Software Engineer, Manager(IT and Math) from Numazu-shi,Shizuoka-ken Japan.


NuFlare Technology, Inc. Yokohama, Kanagawa Japan
Industry: Semiconductors
02/2002 - current
Embedded Systems Software & Electron-Beam Lithography Engineer
My main job is related to the design and testing of software applications at embedded hardware systems used in our main product, electron-beam mask writers.
(From 2002 to 2012): • Evaluated Mercury Computer Systems hardware and software. • Simulated BDE data processing. • Co-wrote general requirements specifications for data handling system. • Co-designed new parallel control data format. • Co-wrote specifications for particular design features related to parallel data processing architecture. • Defined specifications after evaluation of possible architecture scenarios. • Conducted system integration testing. • Designed test programs related to data processing of mask writings (shot, area, and proximity components). • Conducted management of a testing machine environment with all Mercury Computer Systems hardware (motherboards and daughterboards) and software (real-time operating system, compiler and drivers). • Designed and implemented basic shot data algorithms using C/C++. • Tested several mask parameters (fixed and arbitrary subfield modes, stage direction, etc) through virtual mask writings. • Conducted analysis of results of virtual mask writings with the purpose of testing software source code versions related to SDG (Shot Data Generator). • Developed an offline shot data estimation tool to be used at UNIX platforms. • Created basic mask layouts to test the SDG source code through virtual mask writings. • Tested several SDG software versions. • Developed a basic automated testing script to improve hardware testing functionality. • Designed a software suite (using C language and shell scripting) to improve analysis of results of virtual mask writings. • Designed a SDG hardware test tool (basic hardware test and single-task dispatcher modules) to improve the diagnostics of system hardware failures in electron-beam mask writers. (From 2012 to present): • Performed correlation of errors and their possible causes that occurred at our electron-beam mask writers. • Set up a low-cost Linux-based (CentOS 7) computer system with two NVIDIA GPUs (GeForce GT 610 and Tesla C2075) graphics cards with the purpose of developing parallel computing applications using CUDA (Compute Unified Device Architecture).


Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
03/1993 - 10/1994
Degree: Master's Degree
Major:M.Sc. in Electronics Instrumentation
Title of thesis: "A Low Cost Quartz Crystal Microbalance: An Application in Electrochemistry".

Resume(verified employer only)

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