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Irwin Berowitz, Immigration Attorney
305 Broadway, Suite 100, New York, NY 10007
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I hired Mr Berowitz in 2007 when ICE "Immigration and Customs Enforcement" took me into custody. Mr Berowitz promptly responded to my wife's phone call, met with her and soon was to meet me where I was detained. He quickly gathered all my documents and submitted a motion for release on condition to pay a bail. I was released just few days after my incarceration. He had continued working on my removal proceedings until it was finally closed. I then through him again, filed for permanent residency with USCIS. A process that required muticulous work and details. Mr Berowitz once again was very good all the way until I finally became a permanent resident of the United States.This review can barely sum up how amazing it was to work with him. I have had attorneys before. Some were Ok, others good, Berowitz when past to Astounding. Top marks in all categories. If you are looking for an efficient attorney, a listener, someone who is concerned about your case and works towards your success with USCIS, do yourself a favor and contact the Office of Irwin Berowitz, eq. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!!

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