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4031 University Drive Fairfax, VA 22030Alert: 14 LCs filed by Akvarr were denied or withdrawn!
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1 review or comment about Akvarr Inc has been flagged as inappropriate and is under investigation.

- Cautionary Advice for Prospective Employees of Akvarr Inc. - - - 6/11/2024 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I feel compelled to share my experience with Akvarr Inc. to caution those considering employment with this company. For the past two years, I, along with several colleagues, have faced significant challenges in receiving our agreed-upon payments. Despite repeated assurances and discussions, the resolution of these financial matters has been consistently delayed, leaving us in a precarious position.

The management has cited various reasons for these delays, including the company’s acquisition by another entity. However, the lack of transparency and accountability has been disheartening. It is crucial for any new employee to be aware of these issues and to approach any agreements with Akvarr Inc. with a degree of skepticism and due diligence.

Please consider this review as a warning to tread carefully and to ensure that any contractual obligations are clearly defined and enforceable. Your financial well-being and professional satisfaction should be a priority, and it is unfortunate that my experience with Akvarr Inc. has been marred by these ongoing issues.

- WORST Company to work with - - - 4/5/2024 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Guys, be careful with AKVAAR Inc. They are cheating on the paystubs.

Whatever Good reviews they posted are fake. I'm struggling to get paid from them, so be careful.
     Kumar KN - 6/11/2024 - i agree with you. - flag

- Check your monthly payments - - Employee - 1/24/2024 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Akvarr Employees please check your bi weekly payments and agreed rate. They will do lot of deductions without you knowing it. Your monthly paystubs will not match with your W2. Something fishy this company is doing to grab employee share. I think doing this is illegal check with your attorneys to sue this company if you have lost your money or seen discrepancy in payments. Greedy employers will never change.

- Please do not file new H1B and waste your money - - Current Employee - 1/19/2024 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Very greedy employer. Never pays on time and keep your money with him even after you earn so much business with him. He talks nice to cheat you as you seen lot of other reviews. I have got another employer ready to sponsor. Planning to report to USCIS if he doesn't pay me this month so please don't apply new H1B applications with him because once report is filed with USCIS no new H1B application will be approved for this employer. Kindly request to don't waste your money with this employer.

- Software Engineer - - - 12/10/2021 - flag as inappropriate - comment
This is the worst company, CEO is very clever he cheats everybody nicely. No ethics..
All the good feedbacks here are forced family/friends.
Humble request to my bro/sisters do not have your h1B under this
company, you will regret it.. They will put in process so that your monthly or agreed rates are deducted cleverly.. u will not even know..
     Current Employee - 1/19/2024 - True brother. All employees should group together and file report against this employer.. - flag

- Software Developer Applications - - Sujana - 9/15/2020 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Akvarr is an excellent company and I worked with them for 6.5 years and the entire team of Akvarr was very professional and understanding.

I personally thank Vijai for all his efforts and he was helpful and was accessible to me when needed.

Akvarr has an excellent immigration team and i never faced any issues from an immigration perspective from day one.

Really thankful to Akvarr team.

- Reliable and Professional Company - - Lenin Y - 9/9/2020 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I have been working with AKVARR for the past 6 years and my experience with AKAVRR is excellent.

I would like to thank Vijai for smooth handling of my H1B transfer and on boarding when i was in difficult situation. Special thanks to the immigration team for taking care of all my immigration related matters..

Overall, this team is very transparent, responsive and highly organized and I would recommend anyone to join this company.

- SAP Consultant - - Eswar - 9/9/2020 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I have been working with Akvarr since 3 years.
They have very good immigration team and they are reachable. My GC petition and H1b extensions taken care very well.They have good marketing team and good end clients to get the projects. Marketing team will help you to get the projects on time.

- Amazing company to work - - Srinivas M - 9/9/2020 - flag as inappropriate - comment
1) The great and strong point about the company is CEO Mr.Vijay Anand. He is amazing talent to drive the all technical issues and extraordinary knowledge about the immigration system
2) He will give suggestions attorneys to resolve the issues very smoothly
3) There is always someone from the Organization to address your concerns and resolve the issues.

- Wonderful company !! Recommend to everyone - - VK - 9/8/2020 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I have been working with Akvarr for almost 6 years. I was in a difficult situation with my visa and Akvarr was very happy to initiate visa transfer without taking advantage of the situation. They are very good in handling visa processing and green card filing.

They are also good at payroll and ensure their employees are paid on time. As with every company, they are also growing and learning to fill the gaps with small issues around tracking finances and bonus, HR issues and other minor concerns

I would highly recommend Akvarr and I hope the company will continue to maintain their good standards and improve wherever necessary

- Nice place to work and Nice people - - Sanjeev - 9/7/2020 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I have worked with Akvarr Inc for a year as a Java developer , and I have found my employment to be very rewarding and full of opportunities to grow. Everyday is a new challenge and a solid foundation for learning. The owner of the company is very friendly, personable and has an open door policy for all team players. The owner knows all the employees who assist in carrying out the mission statement.

The sales and finance team is approachable and amiable and even though team is small they are aware of their mission and goals and completely driven. I am working as a programmer on in-house project and would like to see growth in upcoming years.

- Software Engineer - - - 4/26/2019 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Unprofessional and disorganized management Without any skills you can be a Manager.Stacy Nappo CFO of the company does not have any mathematical skills and leadership skills. she has very
bad attitude.If employees ask any finance related questions she will start shouting and hung up the phone on the face.Never response to her emails.Always seeks her sub ordinates help and taking credit from the management.Blaming her mistakes on her predecessors.she has zero finance knowledge and no idea about business.She is doing lot of mistakes in insurance enrollment and invoicing. Holding employees money and not paying bonus on time. Company standard has gone done after her she joined. She is misusing her authority and management is not realizing that. Firing and Hiring is their normal practice. Company's Management is in wrong hands.Hire a professional person for finance.

      - 12/10/2021 - This is planned along with CEO :) - flag

- The worst employer... please don't atleast look into this f...g employer name - - Sean - 3/22/2018 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Hi Readers.... This is the only one employer who cheats on you..

The members who are giving the positive review(wantedly) those are this employer family friends... never ever trust this employer. And also please stop spreading the fake reviews( positive)..

- - Fraud - Akvarr Inc & Northstart group - - Imp - 3/22/2018 - flag as inappropriate - comment
This is the worst company i've dealt with. They take a share out your hard earned bucks and don't care about employees. Stay away !!Save yourself.
I cant comment on others review but I personally faced.
I have heard that they say they have filed h1b when they have not in reality.

- Think before you join/apply H1B through this company - - RamRaju - 3/20/2018 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Horrible company.. Last year they took money from me as security deposit for H1b and never applied. I thought security deposit makes sense since I am in India but its all lise. They will never respond you properly once they had the money. Never ever trust and don't waste your hard earned money. These guys will take advantage of the situation and make money.

- Dependable and reliable Employer.... - - AnuradhaL - 1/28/2018 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Akvarr Inc is very diligent in filing a work permit. My case was very complicated one and I had a very little hope in getting my very old H1B petition re-activated under a cap exempt category.
I approached director, Mr.Vijay and asked him to help in getting my petition approved. He paid special attention and ensured the process and documentation was thorough.
His involvement greatly helped and my petition is approved. I’m very Thankful to Mr. Vijay and Akvarr team for turning around an impossible thing.
Very reliable, friendly and helpful people...

- Dependable and Excellent Team - - Vamsi Kotta - 2/4/2016 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Akvarr is great place to work for.The team of CEO and Management is extremely competent to address any kind of issues be it Visa or day to day work related problems.

There is always someone from the Organization to address your concerns and resolve the issues.

The organization is doing great and proud to be part of their family.

- Reliable and Transparent - - Palanikumar Ram - 12/29/2015 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Akvarr is a great company where Vijay CEO of Akvarr will help for all sort of immigration issues and his confidence will always succeed.

Am highly recommending AKVAAR to the consultants who has aspire to live forever in USA without any issues on their immigration status, job and the important on-time Paycheck.

Vijay---is the man for Mission possible for solving any immigration issues.

Amit -- He has sound relationship with many direct clients which emphasize the Akvarr growth drastically high.

Thanks to Prabala, Reena and Japendra for helping the consultants on process side.

- Dependable, Professional, There for you.. - - Surendra Konathala - 11/16/2015 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I have known Akvarr for over 4 years and they are very professional in the way they handle . I've know several consulting companies in the USA, most of them do show such professional approach.

The best part is the support they give you through your visa process, i was amazed by the Never-Say-Die attitude of the heads of the company and they will go beyond the expectations. If your case is genuine they will believe in you and fight for it to create miracles for you. Such a miracle happened for me, and i'm so happy for having chosen Akvarr.

Akvarr understands that being a consultant, it's juts not hours-billing-timesheets-payments-clients, they go beyond that. The day i started work at Akvarr, i received about 5 emails from several departments (HR, Payroll, Billing, Insurance, Contracts) introducing themselves and helping me out on the on-boarding process. I've not seen such professionalism with consulting companies in my last 15 years of career.

They also give you freedom on projects, locations, clients you choose to work with and don't force you to do take up a particular project.

I strongly recommend Akvarr.

- Review for Akvarr Inc - - Prathima - 11/12/2015 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I am working with AKVARR for more than 3 years as a SAP consultant

Pros: Akvarr strength is handling difficult Immigration related issues (H1B/PERM/GC) and on time payments while helping consultants find good opportunities.

Akvarr management always tries to help in worst possible situations regarding your H1B/GC and status issues. Initially when I approached Akvarr management (Vijai and Amit), I was in my 6th year H1B and my other employer was not initiated my GC. But I wanted to stay in USA for longer period of time and but chances are very less. Through one of my friend got Akvarr reference. With minimal hope, I met with Mr. .Vijai, CEO of Akvarr Group and explained my situation. After hearing my situation, he told me “you will not go anywhere and you will stay in USA". Within short period of time, my PERM filed (approved) and my I-140 filed (Approved).Now I am staying in USA with family. After that I went to India for Visa Stamping and Visa got approved. Now successfully I have finished 3 years with Akvarr Inc.
During these three years, I never make any single call for my payments. Most impressive part is every year I will receive medals and gifts for thanks giving( I was impressed not for the gift, Impressed to remembering employee).I have been on long term projects with them and consider them as employee friendly company

Cons: None

- Excellent company to work - - Ravikiran K - 3/23/2014 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Will always tries to help in worst possible situations regarding your status issues. They pay good and in time. I never faced any issue with the payment part. I'm stressing this because most Desi companies cheat while you are leaving the company or when there are multiple layers in employment.

I've personally seen Vijai taking pride & passion in dealing most difficult Visa related issues. People come to him at the last minute when all their hopes are gone and he magically turns the situation.

When i'm on bench for 2 months during last year end, both Vijai and Amit took good care of me. They used to boost my morale when i'm sulking. Vijai calls you and motivates you and pushes you in right direction when needed. I love working for this company.

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Employer: Akvarr
Review Result: 3.1 out of 5 stars 21 votes

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