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2400 Meadowbrook Parkway Duluth, Georgia 30096Alert: 20 LCs denied or withdrawn!
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Rate and Review Diversant Llc

- H1B/GC revocation after project completion - - musk - 10/1/2018 - flag as inappropriate - comment
As long you are on a project you will get paid. once project is over diversant will cancel your h1b and GC

- Careful when project is getting over - - - 2/7/2018 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Diversant helped me to get the job quickly for the first time, like every one said when the project is getting over they are poor in marketing you. They didn't inform me until the last minute project is not getting extended. Recruiter was saying it's getting extended and before three weeks Diversant called me and informed me that Project is getting over in three weeks and they would be cancelling the H1B visa. I know how hard to get H1B visa. They are not bothered about the employee. Their focus mainly on first time to get project and make money. When I call recruiter he hardly picked up the call or responded to my mails or messages. I tried hard to seek his help. He's not bothered. So I had no choice to find a new job by myself and transfer the H1B. When I checked with my project manager, he informed me like there was never any project extension. I wish Diversant show more empathy on consultants and respond back to the mails or answer texts. I am happy that I am going to other consultancy. So if it's first time be aware when your end date is reaching, check with client manager and better prepared for transferring H1B few months before the end date. if you are not hurry about the job, don't join this consultancy, find better one. Though I liked them that they helped me before, but just giving warning to others.

- GC scam - - - 7/14/2017 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Let me start that this company hires in rapid mode, does the H1B in premium processing, and will initiate the GC petition if you negotiate during the hiring process. It's good right, everything is fast. Once you are hooked the true colors comes out; you are on your own. you will not hear anything back from the Account team. If the project is on, you will get paid every fortnight, but if you are rolled off in a project. YOu will no longer hear from them, your are left on your own, and they will immediately submit your H1b revocation without your knowledge. They will not mind marketing your resume, and you will need to haggle to get your PTO credits. This is an honest review and based on experience. Try it for yourselves and will see how it goes.

- Lying organization - - - 2/20/2017 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I decided to go with Diversant, when I had choice to go with other organizations. Robert Horneman their recurtier put me with their attorney mike hammond, who promissed I can get my green card within 15 months as I was born in Canada, I was consulting through wells fargo with 18 month contract. What I didn't know is how their process is controlled by Kim Ennis from Diversant, who wouldn't let the attorney process to the next step. All they got was my labor certification in 18 months, my contract finished by that time and they didn't bother to market me to get another project. My labor expired now. Wells was paying $86/hour and Diversant was paying 100K/yr, works out to be $48/hr and their health insurance is $3000/month, with $6000 deductible. So they didn't pay me properly, had really expensive health insurance, they didn't get me my green card as promised. As you can see there are so many expired labor with this organization. Stay away from this lying, misleading organization.

- Layoff without notice and H1B revocation - - - 2/13/2017 - flag as inappropriate - comment
You are left high and dry after your project ends. They will not bother to market your resume and you are left on your own to fend. The worst thing is they will make you believe that they are working on placing you to other accounts but you will just found out thru USCIS notification that your H1B petition was submitted for revocation without advance notice whatsoever.
      - 2/20/2017 - not surprised, I even called owner Gene Waddy, he promised someone will call be back, never heard from him or anyone. - flag

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Employer: Diversant
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