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T-Mobile Usa, Inc. visa:2614 rank:79
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12920 Se 38th Street Bellevue, WA 98006Alert: 25 LCs denied or withdrawn!
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Hottest H1B Job Titles
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2 Engineer, Software(97)
3 Principal Engineer, Software(78)
4 Senior Engineer, Systems Architecture(69)
5 Sr Engineer, Software(48)
6 Engineer, Radio Frequency (45)
7 Senior Engineer, Radio Frequency(43)
8 Principal Engineer, Systems Architecture(36)
9 Product Manager, Technical(34)
10 Senior Engineer, Systems Design(33)
Hottest H1B Job Occupations
1Software Developers, Applications(424)
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3 Software Developers, Systems Software(203)
4 Information Technology Project Managers(119)
5 Computer Systems Engineers/Architects(99)
6 Business Intelligence Analysts(88)
7 Computer Network Architects(87)
8 Network and Computer Systems Administrators(68)
9 Operations Research Analysts(62)
10 Software Quality Assurance Engineers and Testers(53)
Hottest Green Card Job Titles
1Senior Engineer, Software(36)
2 Senior Engineers, Software(18)
3 Senior Engineer, Systems Architecture(12)
4 Senior Engineers, Systems Architecture(9)
5 Principal Engineer, Software(8)
6 Engineers, Software(6)
7 Senior Engineer, Systems Design(6)
8 Senior Engineer, Sdet(5)
9 Senior Analysts, Technical(4)
10 Senior Engineer, Radio Frequency(4)
Hottest Green Card Job Occupations
1Software Developers, Applications(60)
2 Software Developers, Systems Software(41)
3 Computer Systems Analysts(29)
4 Electrical Engineers(25)
5 Computer and Information Systems Managers(13)
6 Information Technology Project Managers(9)
7 Computer Systems EngineersArchitects(7)
8 Network and Computer Systems Administrators(7)
9 Computer Network Architects(6)
10 Software Quality Assurance Engineers and Testers(6)

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