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2200 W HIGGINS RD SUITE 315 HOFFMAN ESTATES, IL, 60169Alert: 6 LCs denied or withdrawn!
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Rate and Review Only It Consulting, Llc

- OITC Experience - Systems Analyst - - A S - 12/1/2021 - flag as inappropriate - comment
In the current scenario of consulting world, most of the employers try to take advantage of the employees.

In case of OITC, though it's a growing consulting firm it has always benefitted the employees by providing the needed support be it professional or personal.

It has wide client/vendor base to explore different technologies and industry to get the required experience.

They give the ability to gain technical knowledge, experience, and confidence.

Would recommend anyone again !

- My experience with Only IT - Storage and System Administrator - - - 2/6/2021 - flag as inappropriate - comment
My Journey started in 2013 with Only IT. I was inexperience with US IT market but I had 5 years Indian IT industry experience.

Working with ONLY IT at the crucial times like OPT renewal to H1b Renewal made me believe strongly that this company can give me what I need. And they have delivered to every word they said.

There were times when I called Santosh at nights and he answered, very softly explained the process multiple times. I also like to thanks Sukanya and other team members for handling every case with utmost care and responsibility.

Never till date I experience any latency in payment, it was on time or before time always.

Talking about transparency, they always followed the code of conduct and maintained good professional relation. This is something I learned from Only IT.

Area to Improve:- If they could, once in trimester, Only IT provide a skill set upgrade program(can be discussed) to their employees in their respective field.

- IT Networking consultancy - Awesome Experience - - Dhruvil Vyas - 2/2/2021 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I would like to share my experience with this consultancy.

I am having a great experience with it from last 4 years. They are giving me a good support in my career and also supporting me in immigration process as well. They have good amount of direct clients for placing you very quickly and start your career soon. The staff of OITC is quick responding and handling in very professional way and treat you politely. They have 100% ratio of approval in immigration process and Green card process as well.

I am giving you 10/10 rating and expect you future support.

Wish you all the best and God bless for your progress.

Thank you all very much.

- Honest review of OITC - - Jayanth - 1/31/2021 - flag as inappropriate - comment
As a honest review I am having the best time in the office. Very co-operative seniors. Great exposure and also good experience. Work environment is very comfortable and encourages employee enthusiasm. The opportunities to the employees are unexpected. As for the working experience, the work load isn't much and the weekends are free too. HR management is also nice. No issues regarding the work timings.

- Infrastructure engineering - - Ap - 1/31/2021 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I’ve worked with different(including TCS, capgemini) consulting firms but after joining only it consulting I can live stress free about my pay / my visa or even getting a new client. If you have low performance no one can help you . Work smart and be efficient!

- System Engineer - - vaibhav27 - 10/21/2020 - flag as inappropriate - comment
The management at Only It Consulting is humble and very helpful. Paychecks are always on time and at a generous pay rate. The owner is very supportive and always encourages us to learn new skills/technologies to excel in our careers.

They help build skills for the job and have long-term to extended contracts. It is a great organization to work for major clients.
They give the ability to gain technical knowledge, experience, and confidence.

It is one of the best companies to work for. I am really happy working with them and had a very positive experience.

- Fraud IT firm in Illinois - - - 5/9/2020 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Santosh is a liar he cheat client with Fake resume and apply fake h1b
Biggest mistake to get stuck with this company .
He is racist too. Specially to Muslim and talk bad about Islam .
I am filing racial discrimination case against this company and hopefully teach him a lesson.

     Santosh Srivastava - 5/18/2020 - When you can't beat me in business you took the convenient route of playing the racial discrimination card.

I have been running this company for the last 12 years and my only and only condition to hire anyone is hardworking attitude and nothing else as I know skills can be trained.

Some of the initial employees happen to be from the same community that you are talking about and they are still with me for the last 11 years and we have unconditional trust and mutual respect.

We respect all religions.

This Hit and run policy won't serve your purpose... - flag
     Vivek Mat - 1/31/2021 - You seem like the bad apple and have an ulterior motive on this, looks like you can barely write a sentence in English. Looking at ur Foolish rant.

**Please note "full stop in English is "always." and "not ."**

Being with OITC, for the last 2016, one thing I am very certain of is I have not seen any discrimination on the basis of religion, I know several people still with OITC from different faiths, even after several years loyal to OITC.

I hope you have a strong attorney to support your argument. Coz Santosh certainly has and will to take u down and your malign campaign.

- flag

- Network Engineer - - - 4/27/2020 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I joined OnlyIT a couple of years ago and had a poor experience. One of poor consultancy firms ever seen on this planet. Starting with their beloved CEO who creates lots of fake resumes and when a person gets a full-time job with another employer they issue legal suits against them. They screw people like anything. Marketer and their proxy interviewer operate from India. Someone needs to inform USCIS about their fake paperwork. Be safe guys ignore such consultancy firms. I was the lucky one to escape from their firm as soon as I got to know about their reality.

- Very low Salary - - - 1/24/2020 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Santosh (CEO) submit the candidate for the big job position. On my case end client pays $120/hour but he only pays me $39/hour. Other things are Ok. Before joining he promised to give 70% of end client pay rate but with everyone he only pays $30 to $40/hour and take big cut from salary and always hide the end client pay so how we know, we are getting how much salary from end client and what is 70% of end client pay. In my case i got to know from end client which i saw on documents. This is not ethical to do anything from candidate. A person who works very hard for santosh and gets only $40/hour and Santosh takes $80/hour in his pocket without doing anything.
     Santosh Srivastava - 5/18/2020 - You are conveniently concealing the fact that thr are layers involved between end customer and our company.

We can pay based on what we get. The rates are transperant to our employees and they are fine with what we are offering.

Why don't you get a job with the end customer and make 120/hr??? - flag

- Biggest FRAUD company in USA - - Mohammed noor - 12/9/2019 - flag as inappropriate - comment
All positive review are writing by owner because if you see dates all in one day . Santosh is the biggest fraud in USA and it a biggest fraud company in Chicago. Their placed all fresher and make fake resume for 7 years and do fraud with thing with USCIS . My H1B was denied in Hyderabad US Embassy in Hyderabad said me their are doing investigation on this company .
     Iragam Reddy - 1/23/2020 - I don't know who you are but you are bound to get denial in US Consulate if you do not have basic proficiency in English language, evident from your reviews.

I can share my experience as an employee of the company; my name is Iragam Reddy Peram and I have been associated with the company for the last 5 years and I was always paid on time, H1 CAP petition filed by OnlyIT was approved and later I changed 3 projects and all relevant amendments were approved. Recently they filed my h1b extension and it was approved instantly. Right now I am in India and have attended H1b stamping in US Consulate Mumbai and it was simple 2-3 min interview and was given the visa.
- flag
     Iragam Reddy - 1/23/2020 - Not just me but many of my friends have come to India for stamping and all were approved.

Your statement of company going thru investigation is a lie as if that was the case we wouldn't be getting H1b approvals and stampings for so many people.

Stop spreading lies and do some meaningful work.

I can back my statement with documentary evidence and dare you to do the same.

Company has come a long way and in this unethical industry it is one of the best consulting forms to work with... - flag

- Network Engineer - - cp1811 - 10/18/2019 - flag as inappropriate - comment
its been 3 years working with company and it has been great experience. Your concerns will be addressed in professional manner along with swift responses. Easy access to Santosh and Sukanya.

Pros :
Health benefits
Payments are on time
Easy access to HR and Mr. Santosh.

Cons : There are always room for improvements and Marketing is one of it.

- Network Engineer - - Gopi - 10/17/2019 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Been with this company from more than 3 years.
I can say OITC is an excellent company to work with.

Best things with OITC in my experience:
1. Very good marketing team for placements.
2. Excellent legal and HR team for H1B, OPT extension and any other quiries.
3. I never saw any delays in salary deposits (no withholding, not even in rain, snow stroms, thunderstorms)
4. Great support from Santosh and team both professionally and personally.

I strongly recommend this company.

- Data Communication Engineer - - Bbhai - 10/12/2019 - flag as inappropriate - comment
It is a very helpful IT consulting firm especially for people who are struggling to find a decent job even after strong education background! People are nice and very helpful plus very straightforward in terms of money! Owner is very easy to talk to and approachable plus very friendly! Even after the placement one can approach them or contact them in problematic situations and they’ll try their level best to help you out!

- Systems engineer - - Gaurav Hans - 10/11/2019 - flag as inappropriate - comment
OITC is really good working with. Pay checks are always on time and with a good rate. Training is also provided which is very helpful. And they have a good network for jobs.

- Unified Communications engineer - - Diarrheaist - 10/11/2019 - flag as inappropriate - comment
After working with couple of employers this is best one. Anyone in team will not play around , will support and guide you what’s best for us. You learn a lot about your project work . Just join them later everything is on them. It’s been 3 years working with them and hoping for long term relationship.

- Quick and easy to deal ... - - Rakesh - 10/11/2019 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I have been with this organization for more than 3 years. No issues in terms of employment, salaries or payments.

They have a dedicated person for each team that makes it easy to interact with and accessible to everyone anytime

- Best place to work - - Patel - 10/11/2019 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Excellent staff and excellent support in training.
I would highly recommend OnlyIT.

Best support and experience all time.

- Ramesh Nunna - - Ramesh Nunna - 10/10/2019 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Hi All,

3 years back i started reading reviews during my employer selection,Now its my turn .

OITC is one of best employer which i seen ever in terms of Immigration and process oriented.
Provides friendly nature with employees.
I feel now personally that i taken good decession by selecting OITC as my Employer @ 3 years back.

Finally Thank you santosh for your support as always.

I hope more successful years ahead.

Thank you.

- Ramesh Nunna - - Ramesh Nunna - 10/10/2019 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Hi All,

3 years back i started reading reviews during my employer selection,Now its my turn .

OITC is one of best employer which i seen ever in terms of Immigration and process oriented.
Provides friendly nature with employees.
I feel now personally that i taken good decession by selecting OITC as my Employer @ 3 years back.

Finally Thank you santosh for your support as always.

I hope more successful years ahead.

Thank you.

- System engineer - - Sachin - 10/10/2019 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I have been with OITC more than 18 months. Its great working with OITC. Santosh Sir and the team work very hard and are very responsive. They have helped me everytime as needed. I got good training in Linux and all credit goes to OITC. I would suggest working with them for sure. All paychecks are given on time and at a very good rate. Always a good experience while working with OITC.

- Best Way to get a foot hold in Network/Devops side - - Vivian32 - 10/10/2019 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Reviewing this after going through some scamster reviews where in people have outright discredited. the outstanding efforts Mr. Santosh and his OITC team in running his Organization. First of all, I like the way he prepares the candidates on a first job to survive the initial period.

To add balance to the reviews above. this is for all those crybabies above, if you are unable to have a basic comm(email etiquette) and can barely put a technical discussion, it is highly unlikely that you would survive anywhere let alone a visa interview/job interview.

The listed negativity above, most of the reviewers are the same candidates who either do not understand contracting or have a dementia where in the forget the contractual obligations. They have been always been free and fair about this.

Mr. Santosh, has/had an open door policy and is highly reachable when you need to.

Coming to my experience, I have had never a delayed pay check or any issue in gathering/answering my H1B related queries/doubts. Everyone is highly capable on the team handling this and have done fantastic job over the years.

OITC team has been at the forefront with negotiating needed paper work from client/vendors, who are difficult to navigate needed for petitions. Kudos to getting my h1 approved

My Training with OITC trainers, not only gave me confidence but hands on experience on Networking equipment. I spent some quality nights there in the training.

Come with a mindset, you are coming to learn and get out. And you will.

I would highly recommend OITC, if you are looking to make a foot hold, best place to start with.

- excellent TEAM - - KEVAL - 10/10/2019 - flag as inappropriate - comment
first appreciate the way they marketed my profile and secondly the way they help me to crack interviews. Exactly remember, i joined them on 17th august and before 14th September, i was having two good opportunities in my hand.
specially thanks to SANTOSH SIR & ANIL SIR, because they have good relations with various vendors my path was easy.

- No way to define Good - - Hemanth Pusapati - 10/10/2019 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I have been associated with this company from 4 years now. I haven’t heard or seen anything negative from the management or my associates in this time frame. The marketing team and HR team are working 24X7 for our wellbeing. I got my H1 picked in first attempt and never had any issue with payroll.

As my anonymous friends wrote in the other reviews, I still don’t understand why a good review should be long and big. We are standing here and supporting each other to the extreme ends and there is no way to show it out. Come be a part of our team and extend your knowledge. I am happy to be associated with OnlyIT.

- Fake IT company - - Aditya - 7/30/2019 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Fake company . Took my money for H1b filling and never return .. I already made a complain to labor and labor said already audit is going on .beware of this fake company
     Santosh Srivastava - 10/10/2019 - Challenge you to publish your proofs here...also publish your DOL complaint report or atleast publish some proof of your association with the company....your failure to publish is proof your review is fake...
- flag

- Fake company with fake reviews - - Nikhil patel - 5/20/2018 - flag as inappropriate - comment
All good review are fake . No one write that big review. All frand h1b filling. He charge money to fill h1b and never return money . Worst of the worst company ever work with. My h1b was reject NY Visa officer saying this company is fraud. Stay away from them... BIG FRAUD .....
     Rahul - 2/25/2019 - Hi Nikhil , would you be able to suggest me some other good employer ? - flag
     Santosh Srivastava - 10/10/2019 - Challenge you to publish your proofs here...also publish your DOL complaint report or atleast publish some proof of your association with the company....your failure to publish is proof your review is fake...

You and the above review by Aditya are done by same person by changing names and we will initiate defamation suit against you. - flag

- Horrible - - - 10/5/2017 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Do not work for this company, worst company ever. Unlimited calls and mails moreover sleepless nights with this company. HR department never responds or pick up phone calls. Don't have a marketing team, never pays on time always have to chase them.


     Santosh Srivastava - 10/10/2019 - Challenge you to show proof on your association with the company. You are an anonymous person conveniently writing a review with vested interest....

You better get your act right and focus on improving your business and practices instead of doing this low life stunt....

get well soon and please pay your employees on how we do....

Anyone here...Pls ask any of our past employee of the last 11 years and ask them about our integrity, transperency and punctuality on payments...we have a payroll schedule which we follow and rain or shine employee gets salary on time with direct one ever had to chase me for payments... - flag

- Worst Horrible Company ruining name of IT - - - 5/31/2016 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Worst Horrible Company ruining name of IT:
All positive reviews posted below are by the self called ceo & his dog trainers....

it all starts with 2 weeks IT training, where barely someone learns few alphabets, they will show fake 8-10 years experience on resume & start marketing, the dog trainers pretend as candidate & will take all your interview calls right from start with Vendor, HR, Technical phone calls & will charge candidate fake interview handling fee.

Candidates are asked to keep their phones on call forwards so that any interview calls are answered by dog trainers... If clients asks for face interview, they will bluff by saying busy schedule or out of state. Once the job is confirmed... Candidate is left at his own to go & survive with fake 8-10 years experienced job.... Obviously which is impossible, so the ceo & his trainers will say they will provide support, which comes with additional monthly fees they will charge for fake experience Job support.

This does not stops here, CEO will negotiate with candidates on 60/40 start.. Which means company will eat 40% of your pay for all the fake stage show they did in placing you.... Next they charge candidates for Health insurance, eat away all overtime pays, even charge for H1B filing fee...

Avoid these fony IT companies...

Best honest advice as a candidate.... Take right step apply directly as an intern with client companies.... As all big client companies take interns & give real time experience & also pay well... All n all you do hardwork & you win....
     Santosh Srivastava - 10/10/2019 - Another anonymous reviewer who is writing review with vested interst...

Pls show your proof of association with company and highlight all that is claimed in the review... - flag

- The Worst Company Ever...!!!! - - - 5/20/2016 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Well to start on a positive note...oops sorry nothing positive about it. Any political party in the world has less politics than here. Coming to the owner...the only and only Owner..can't mention the name because i want ppl to read this review and save your life from this monster...the man behind the political leadership. This employer is the worst thing you will ever experience in your life. How much ever billing you get this guy will give you less than half of what you get. All the reviews below are written by himself and his group of political people. You might get a doubt whether he is running a consulting corporation or a political party. He does not have any concern towards the employees. Worst rated standard less company. Well portrayed fake promises. Another hero S**...this person deals from india. He doesn't know anything. No matter how good you are at subject you are treated like nonsense if you don't butter the owner. My sincere request to all the people who are reading this...please don't join here. This has a benchtime like forever. Save yourself from this sick employer. Thank you.

- Backup Engineer - - Nikhil - 4/11/2016 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Worthy Employer !

I recently got my H1B approved through OITC, team has been very helpful throughout my journey.

Management is very supportive, there was a lot of visibility during the entire process. Coming to the good thing they pick up the phone when ever you call them. And you can directly talk to CEO of the company.

Santosh is very cooperative and hard working. He really care about your success. I would say he is an expert in clearing the RFE's & queries.

'Only IT Consulting' goes to great lengths to ensure employees are happy and pampered. The company offers a good insurance plan with good benefits. I highly recommend this company to some one who is a beginner. If you are a good performer, you can move to higher levels much faster.

A Big Thanks to Santosh Srivastava for the immense support in achieving my h1b. Looking forward to many more years of fruitful association.

- Excellent Employer - - Storage Consultant - 4/11/2016 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Since my first interaction with Santosh, I truly experience true honesty and transparency in every discussion, transaction.

After few interactions, we can have blind faith in him about each and every professional discussions.

oh about Salary !!! On time always without any followup or any discussion.

- System Administrator - - Gopi Nannuri - 4/11/2016 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I have been working with OITC for the last 6 months.Got trained on AIX and OITC Have their own data center and the training staff is really good.Got placed in less than a month.No major issues till date regarding payments and they pay as promised.The Management is friendly supportive and responds well. Happy working with them and looking forward to continue working with them for the coming years.The best place for one to start their career.

- System Administrator - - Dheeraj - 4/10/2016 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I have been with ONLYIT for 10 months. They trained me in both Linux and AIX administration.
I haven't faced any problems since I joined with this company. The management is very helpful and supportive. When it comes to pay i received my pay always on time. They are very pro active in H1B processing.

Santosh is very cooperative and supportive he understands the concerns of each employee and try to address their concerns in best possible way.

When it comes to providing training they have best faculty and all required machines and hardware to train the employees.

it's been a great experience working with this company hopefully it will continue for many years...

- System Administrator - - Irgam - 4/10/2016 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Working here since 14 months and still going. Haven't faced a single issue until now, May that be payroll, h1b processing or any such related one's. Company really focuses on the employees tht are hard working and punctual towards their role.

When it comes to The CEO of the company, he takes utmost care of his employees never does an false promise. He speaks what he does and is really focused towards his goal.

Happy with my tenure and looking forward to continue this for the coming years.

- System Administrator - - Afzal - 5/14/2015 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Been with only IT for 6 months....its been a pleasant experience so far. Neither had any issues with payroll and nor I had to call even once for any payment related.

Santosh is very professional...and delivered watever promised me so far...Attends calls/emails promptly. As I mentioned...its been very pleasant so far...

- System Administator - - Sanket - 5/14/2015 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I joined OITC very recently, firstly I was in that impression that they wouldn't file my H-1 since I' m new to them. However, they were been very supportive and filed my case and luckily, my case has been approved. I must say they have very unique way to response to each and every employer. And I guess that's why they are successful.

- Perfect Employer ...No Regrets working thru OnlyIT - - K Singh - 5/14/2015 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Execellent employer with professional staff. OnlyIT management is very professional and flexible. They take care of employees every detail.
I have been with them for almost 2 years and payments have always been on time and no surprises. I would recommend everyone who wants to start their career or enhance their career to work at OnlyIT.

- Excellent company - - Satish - 5/14/2015 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I have been working with "Only IT" more than a year now. The staff is very friendly,helpful and amazing to work with.
we get paid on time.I never had any issues neither with the staff nor with the employer.i would definitely recommend any of my friends to Only IT.
     Satish - 5/14/2015 - He has been very cooperative in working with me and handling any issues that might arise in such a short notice for my visa processing and documentation. He has assisted me in finding a job and making sure that it fits my career goals. Overall he has been helping me through my journey in this country and I am grateful to have his support. - flag

- Excellent Employer, Pleasure to be with OnlyIT Consulting. - - Mirza - 4/2/2015 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I am a System Analyst at OnlyIT consulting and have worked with various fortune 500 clients(on-site mostly) and still working for one of them along with other OnlyIT consulting associates.

I receive all the support, tools, encouragement and help from OnlyIT that requires for handling challenges associated with System Analyst job at client side.

Working for and with OnlyIT consulting has brought exposure to advance technologies in my field of expertise, which helped me deliver excellent service to the clients and customers.

The employer has always encouraged me towards growth in my technical and professional abilities.

The Payrolls and paychecks are always on time and sometimes before the time, during holidays but was never late.

This is not any Money-hungry Consulting firm, which hires and fires anyone anytime without evaluating their expertise and abilities, One has to go through a proper selection criteria to get hired at OnlyIT. Few of my friends, whom I referred, were not hired because of their selection criteria. Here they go for quality rather than quantity.

The best thing about the Professionals at OnlyIT consulting is their humble yet professional attitudes.
Their optimism towards my problems, issues and suggestions.

Transparency between employer and employee is another biggest positive factor.

H1B approval and stamping were never a concern for me, at least not from the employer side, as I was well guided with all the required documentation.

Santosh Srivastava is a very responsible, dedicated, inspirational, athletic, professional yet very friendly and interesting person.

I wish all the best to OnlyIT Consulting for its Growth and prosperity.
I strongly recommend OnlyIT consulting for anyone who is serious about growth.

- System Analyst - - Pankaj - 10/27/2014 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Only ITC is one of the best consulting firms to work with. Management is great! I haven't faced any problems since I joined OITC. Santosh really cares about your needs and your success. Anil, Atul are real professionals and they understand very well about your requirements. They will genuinely support you in all aspects which is the best part of Only ITC.

They have the right training strategies, knowledgeable trainers and have enough setup to provide the training.

They pay you on time with the dates provided for salary. Compensation is fair as per the market rate but it could be better.

Only ITC is the right company if you want to learn and grow. I am happy to be with them and would definitely recommend everyone in IT.

- Systems Analyst - - Shadab - 10/1/2014 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Only IT Consulting LLC is an amazing company to work for. I have been with this firm for almost 4 years now and never did I have a complaint with them. As other reviewers have pointed out, OITC is prompt in paying its employees salary on time and this is something many employees feel is lacking in other consulting companies. Apart from that, they have applied for my H1 visa three times in a row - initially it was being approved only for a year but the latest approval was for three years. For this, I thank Santosh and his team for the extra effort they took in the proper documentation and the prompt followup required for my H1 approval. My recent visa interview at the US Consulate in Hyderabad was a smooth ride - giving great credibility to the standards maintained by OITC. The rigorous training , constant support and timely response - all of this has truly enhanced my professional experience and I can wholeheartedly recommend OITC to anyone who desires a bright future and an exciting career in the field of IT.

- Responsible people here - - JD - 8/14/2014 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I was with this company for 3 years and then I moved on to be an FTE with a client. I highly recommend this company to some one who is a beginner. If you know your tech stuff then you get placed immediately. I was placed less than a week from when I got in touch with OITC for the first time. Unlike my previous company they paid and paid diligently on time, easily trust worthy in regards to your financial matters.
To me, Santosh has been motivational and helped me professionally and I take a lot of personal advice from him. Had my 1st H1b with this company with no issues. I changed 2 clients and he is one of the few employers who would actually do an H1B transfer and keep your immigration status checked by the immigration law. Throughout my tenure with the company I never felt any of my matters were taken lightly and Santosh showed the same dedication towards me like day 1.
Never got my H1B stamped to this day but most of my friends from the same company OITC had successful visa stampings.

- Good Employer - - Noor S - 7/31/2014 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I have been working for OITC for almost 2 years now and honestly have had no problems so far. I was little apprehensive about how things would go with OITC when I started my first assignment, however everything worked out really well, Santosh kept all his promises. Whatever we had agreed upon, was done accordingly.

He was always available when needed during those initial days of assignment. I never had any hassle/had to push him multiple times to get something done, it would be automatically taken care of. Things would get done through emails, never really had the need to follow up a lot for anything.

I recently got my H1B approved through OITC, Santosh worked closely on my case, there was a lot of visibility and we worked together throughout the process. The company offers a good insurance plan with good benefits.

He is also a good human being, I have a good comfort level with him and I often consult him in various aspects. He guided me on couple of things, which I should have taken up/initiated myself.

So I think its a pretty decent company to work with, and I fail to understand why people should have issue if he himself is on H1B. Thats the situation with every other consultancy, the guy who is a citizen, in most of the cases is a sleeping partner only, all the actual work is usually done by the guys who are on H1B.

- Excellent firm to start your career with.. - - Abdul - 7/23/2014 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I joined this company in june,2013 and within a week I had a job in my hand. I was well trained for the position that I got selected for. It has been over a year now, I still sustained and improving in my job.
I was given everything that i needed like personal, moral, technical and intellectual support to cope up at work. I think its exceptional in my case cause I have good relation with my employer.
I don't see a reason, why i should not support ONLY IT Consulting Llc,

1. They have now the best training facility.
2. They got all the machine that is required for the job and for you to have hand on experience.
3. Faculty who is supportive and knowledgeable and experienced.
4. Place for the new joiners to stay and study at no cost.
5. Job placements are job, people working in marketing are excellent.
6. No delay or no holding of the payments, every time payment is on date.
7. Good heath insurance for the individual.
8. Transparency between the employer and employee is good.

and much more the list goes else do one need to know before joining.

I have recently got my H1, i had very good case but yet i received an RFE, which was not specific to employer. which mean USCIS has information about this company and it has shown its creditability. So, i have no question in my mind that i will not get my H1 because of the company. Instead, I was well supported and cooperated by my employer. He helped me in my RFE and took the pain to receive my call even nights.

I can only say one thing the guy is honest and hard working... I will continue with him for long....

What is not likely here:

I have nothing that i experienced yet.

- My Personal Experience - - - 7/23/2014 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Its just been 4 months since i joined this company but i can see the results already.I was little confused about which consultancy to join after finishing my degree but with the recommendation of a friend . i joined OnlyITC.
Got training in AIX free of cost from the best trainer available and was placed on job within no time. The best part was the hands on practice on the AIX servers which these guys happen to have in their guest house to make sure that we survive at the job environment.
What more can we ask from a consultant. Its not like other consultants who promise you something but don't even pay you on time. You get payed on the exact date which they promise furthermore we get a raise every six months.Also to put cherry on the cake you get free medical insurance.
And lastly most important thing is support which they provide 24/7. You can call Santosh directly without having to worry about any unnecessary traffic on the way.

- My experience with my Company - - Viswanadh - 7/16/2014 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I know This company from past 3 years and I got stamped my H1B Visa from India in 2012 through OITC. They placed me in job when I was in India and from day 1 I started working in USA(without SSN it is not possible to work in USA but in my case it was completely different because of Santosh and they paid to me for these days after got the SSN).

This is the right company to start career as a Unix and Storage administrator. They will not only place you in job, they will support to your job in client location by using their contacts.

From my personal experience, He supported & supporting me in each and every stage in my US life. I am not only having employer employee relationship with Santosh. He is a good friend to me and he always gives good suggestions to my professional life.

- System Admin - - F Mumtaz - 7/14/2014 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Been with the company over a year, my experience with the company made me more close to the company they are very supportive at every step. Never gave me a chance to complain but took care of me. Filed my H1 even though my case was weak. Regardless to what happen once promised will work out a way to complete. Also seen that while training limits are tested just to make sure that you are being honest and working hard to achieve goals. They provide you space to stay and training. Let’s you play with their server as you like so that you know in and out, once you get access you can do as much practice that you want build and decommission as may time as you want SAN is provided as well so that you have a good idea of everything.
Since I started I have never been delayed in my payment they are honest transparent. I have seen many of my friends who have complained that they have issues with their employer for the payments where they don’t get paid for long time and delays. I have never delayed my payment.
They filed my H1 and it went through without any RFE the result was 90% success. All paid off by company.
It’s been good experience with them and continues to be.there wont be a perfect Consultancy but this one is way much better than any. Been in moments that I felt that God made Santosh and Anil to really support me.
If you get a chance to be part of this company don’t miss a chance be honest to yourself of what you want to achieve because once you are interviewed by him will make out what you are planning to.

- My personal Experience so far - - Imran Rentia - 7/14/2014 - flag as inappropriate - comment
If someone is confused with all the reviews for this company, Let me clear your doubts. I dont know why some people have concerns of them operating from India, Does it mean if IBM and Microsoft who have operations in India are fake and blacklisted? They have offices in both US and India.(I Think most of the above reviews are fake) I will list both +ve and -ve side for this company:

I have been with this company since 2010 and I never had any complains.I think in most of cases the people dont talk and try to deal. I was also stuck in India with a visa stamping issue, my visa got rejected for some reason, because in that particular period the embassy was on a rejection spree(between 2011 and 2012). But they filed for a fresh H1 and brought me back to US.

The +ve side of the company:

1) They pick up the phone when you call them. And you can directly talk to Santosh. not to a receptionist, who keeps dictating company policies over the phone.
2) You get salary in time
3) They dont hold up your money like other consultants. They are prompt in payments and very transparent on your Billing.
4) There is no salary holdup-delay of 1 month like other consultants.
5) They will help you with all the paperwork they can when you need their help.
6) They provide training to all the freshers free of cost. They dont make you sign Bonds.Also you are free to leave them anytime if you dont want to stick to them.They wont hold up your salary money any time.

The -ve side.
1) They dont do 80-20 in billing. But they are almost close to 80-20 once you get experienced and stick with them for a while.
2) The group insurance Plan they have is not so great this year as earlier, but they are planning on improving the insurance policy in the next cycle.

- Blacklisted company - - Mohammed - 5/20/2013 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Bloody chor [Name removed by admin] runs this junk yard along with his wife. Yes he will make someone to give fake interview for u but for that he takes 50% of our billing .I am one of the person along with lot of my friends stuck In India because of his blacklisted company and fraudulent Santosh srivastava . He himself is on h1b, please be aware of this sick person. And try to change your h1b ASAP to some better company, that way u get better money and better future.
     mohammed khan - 4/7/2014 - i am with this company for the last 4 years and i don't have any complaints regarding my pay or the treatment of the company. They have always paid me on time and they found me projects quickly without bench time and i never needed to be on bench. I have recently gone to India and got successful stamping from US Consulate in Hyderabad. I also know that several other friends of mine who have gone to India for stamping have got the visa same day. My simple reason to continue working for such a long period is....on time pay, good documentation, good marketing and training.... - flag

- The facts speak for themself - - Joshua - 3/18/2013 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Since 2001 only 1 and I repeat only 1 application has been denied. If the candidates who come to us that really need help with an H1 they go through a thorough screening first to see if our experienced professionals feel that the individual is suitable for this opportunity. We then give instructions, go through background checks, references, and if they follow those instructions then all will be successful in this new relationship.

However, if an individual has not provided all accurate information and decides to not follow our instructions then we cannot take any responsibility of a denial, especially being that there is never any gaurantee of this being approved, even from the USCIS.

Any questions or comments feel free to contact me at
      - 4/10/2013 - bad experience, fake employer, fake job, fake experience, fake interviews. - flag
      - 5/20/2013 - Lol 2001 hahahaha ... Another fake stunt by Santosh srivastava . Your company doesn't exist form 2001 lol. Fraud guy I was one of the first employee in his company in 2009. U sick guy. Rot in hell - flag

- fake company - - - 8/15/2012 - flag as inappropriate - comment
This company is a big fraud . No one is in USA all are sitting in India. Visa rate is zero no one ever got a visa. My visa got rejected and at consulate officer said that it a fraud company..
     khan - 12/20/2012 - Us consulate rejected my visa, saying its a fraud company. - flag
      - 12/26/2012 - visa rejections depend on many factor and most important being the candidate himself and how he presents himself at the consulate. If the company is fraud then how did you get your h1b approval in the first place??? Do you think the USCIS is approving the petitions for a fraudulent company?

- flag
      - 5/20/2013 - Fraudulent Santosh srivastava, but the primary reason is you company with is blacklisted. The consulate told me during the interview, why r u working for this blacklisted company - flag

- System Admin - - Sarfaraz - 4/29/2012 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Just another desi junk yard, which sucks blood of its consultants, the owner himself an H1B worker from Company RapidIT. Currently sitting in a big flush apartment in India and running this junk yard.

All there resumes are fake, office is fake and promises are fake. Will never recommend any one, to join.
     HR - 12/26/2012 - This very desi junk yard has given break to many candidates including you....don't you remember the good old days when you called our company repeatedly for a break in AIX Sys Admin???

This is the very same desi junk yard from which you got your h1b stamped sucessfully....

What fake promises are you talking about? Did we ever defaulted any payroll to you??
Did we failed on any commitment given to you? Did we not pay you as per the commitments and understanding we had?

If you have any substance in your claims pls be specific....anyone can make an allegation but you should be honest to yourself first.....god is watching us and we can proudly say that we have never defaulted on any commitment given not only to you but any other employee of the company.

We can proudly and honestly say that our company is one of the most honest and professionally run company shaping careers....

- flag
      - 5/20/2013 - I wish I didn't got break from you, you could have never have destroyed my future. You take 50% of billing for one fake interview isn't that enough . Rot in hell Santosh srivastava . Hope uscis raid on him so that he can't play with anymore futures. He himself in on h1 b lol. - flag

- Many H1B's Rejections - - - 3/27/2012 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Many H1B's have been rejected from this Company.

Almost simultaneously many Employees who went for H1B visa stamping, were denied Visa with a Letter from US Consulate & USCIS stating "Company Not Eligible to provide Employment as per USCIS Rules & Regulations"

Will Never recommend any one to join this Company.
     UDwqqKWz - 7/18/2012 - you had a visitors visa in 2004..yet you have a NHI nuembr. Visitors do not obtain these, as they are simply a visitor. So this may be one of the issues going against you. They may see you as a potential immigrant/overstayer. Also why do you have a UK atm card? Visitors already have bank accounts from their country, and an atm card from that bank. Visitors usually don't (I have never heard of it) open bank accounts in a country they are just visiting.It sounds like you have some major explaining to do.Donna - flag
      - 12/26/2012 - visa rejections can occur to any company and it depends on plenty of factors....whenever a visa is rejected its very simple for the candidate to blame the company....we have promptly supported our employees when they were struck back home with all possible documentation and have never ignored an employee whether he is on project or off the project which is the case with many employers.....we agree that some of our candidates have been denied the visa but at the same number of candidates have sucessfully got thr h1b stamping done....the sucess ratio is high... - flag

- visa denied by consulate - - syed - 2/7/2012 - flag as inappropriate - comment
mine and some of my friends visa got denied though this company
     PLVxEsjAMitG - 7/18/2012 - Usually you use it at an ATM other than a bank ATM, such as one found in a grocery store or coeneninvce store. Keep in mind that they are high-interest loans.I tried to use mine at a bank ATM and the teller looked at me like I was stupid, since it wasn't a debit card You can do it at any other ATMs, though. - flag

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