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Precision Technologies Corp. visa rank:1094
3088 Route 27, Suite 3 Kendall Park, New Jersey, 08824Alert: 13 LCs denied or withdrawn!
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Rate and Review Precision Technologies Corp.

- Business Analyst - - - 3/28/2018 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Precision is a good company to work with. I am satisfied with their training and placement program. I have worked with Bhanu Deep Chengalv who placed me very quickly. He's a great guy who has lot of knowledge about the market and provides great insights on how to talk to vendors.

His suggestions are highly valuable and helped me in getting the job quickly. He is very young and dynamic. He goes above and beyond his job duties to place people. Highly recommended!

- Business Analyst - - - 12/18/2017 - flag as inappropriate - comment
They provide good training. Guest house facility is also good. They have a strong marketing team. Management is very supportive as well.

They always maintain a good relationship with a consultant. If a consultant is willing to work really hard, he can get a job very soon. Highly Recommended!!

- Most likely to recommend - - - 12/5/2017 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Precision Technologies is definitely a great place to work. I've seen my previous colleagues growing their and have also personally experienced it.

The team starting from recruiting, advisor, marketing, executive, H.R everbody were reachable and have given best solutions when approached.

This place is something I would definitely recommend to once who has zeal and passion for learning and growth.

- database consultant - - Saroj Das - 3/29/2017 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I worked with Precision Technologies Corp for a year, It was a great experience with them.
1. Visa sponsored: They handle my H1B process very smoothly, even taken care of RFE response.
2. Marketing Team: Very dedicated team to provide new requirement and help with placements.
3. Management, Payroll, Marketing and Admin Team are very transparent with employees and help them professional and personal level.
4. Always ready to train on new technologies and keep all employees up to the market standard.

- Precision Technologies corp - - Akbar - 3/1/2017 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I came across this consulting company in desi opt website. Looking at the reviews and ratings i have contacted them and i got positive response. After that if i had any questions they were not responding to my calls. The person who was dealing with me asked me to book my flight tickets to move to their guest house, but he was not providing me the address this process went on for almost 20 days. However, i tried reaching some other person and he asked me 2 days of time to confirm about the guest house, later when i was trying to reach him there was no proper response. Moreover, i got a call from the person who was dealing with me before and he says "it is not working out with you guys". If this is what happens and people are rating them 4, 4.5. Then, i think they themselves are creating fake accounts and posting reviews and rating their own company.
     Precision Technologies Corp. - 3/7/2017 - It is unprofessional of you to say that the reviews posted here and approved by are fake. You are not only questioning us, you are questioning the due diligence capability of as well.
Quoting MyVisaJobs "Our data is drawn and compiled from an array of sources, including public web sites, job boards, social networks and governmet agencies(Dept. of Labor, Census Bureau, IRS and FBI). “
We can prove the employment/association of the folks who have posted reviews here.
In your case, You were a group of 3 people, out of which only 1 was qualified to join the company as per our guidelines. The condition posted by you was that you will join only if all 3 were accepted. Hence, we had to ask you to move on. Anyone reading this review will agree with the company’s decision.
We are willing to talk with you to resolve any issues. - flag

- Business Analyst - - - 2/23/2017 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Training is decent. They do not provide you enough training material. You will be taught the basics of BA.

Marketing is very slow. You will not get vendor calls on daily basis. The people who market your resume are not active and it's difficult to submit requirements. They do not encourage contract to hire positions.

For example, if your job has 12 months contract and then there is a contract to hire resume, then the marketing team will not submit your resume.

They don't settle for less salary. A client has to pay at least minimum $60 only then they will allow you to work. If the client is paying less than that, then you will not be allowed to work even though you clear the interview.

You just have to be patient and should give few months of time to get a job. There are people who didn't get a job since 8-9 months. Don't just believe the reviews.

     Precision Technologies Corp. - 3/7/2017 - Thank you for expressing your views. We would like to clarify a few points. Our training is one of the most comprehensive training plans which have been widely appreciated across various public portals. We dive deep into domains unlike other companies. We share proprietary material with all who enroll for training.
No company will encourage submission for contract to hire roles also because the visa status is OPT. No one wants legal trouble. We also incur substantial expenses on training and logistics before a candidate gets placed. While, it is unprofessional on your part to talk about rates on a public portal, numbers stated are not true and we are open to showing our purchase orders.
The average placement time per candidate also depends on how they have performed, their past exp etc. and it is extremely unfair to blame the marketing team. We have placed many within weeks.
We are willing to meet and understand on a case - case and one - one basis to resolve any concerns
- flag

- Great employer to work with - - - 11/6/2016 - flag as inappropriate - comment
The Management is very polite and puts their feet down in all critical situations to help their consultants
The training is really awesome ( Subahan sir)
Good salaries compared to other vendors in the market
      - 2/14/2017 - Hey, can u provide some more reviews
How much time does it take to get the project
What is the salary percentage ratio
Can you provide your mail id if possible - flag

- Senior Programmar Analyst - - Senior Programmar Analyst - 2/3/2015 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I have been working with Precision Technologies Corp for close to 5 months now and I have had an excellent experience working with them. The company had sponsored H1B Visa for me last year (2014) and they were very transparent throughout the process. Their marketing team is very proactive and is always on top of new requirements. One of the company's assets I feel is the openness and honesty with which they answer all you queries.
Will surely recommend this company to others, especially if you are working in the ERP domain.

- I recommend - - Prince - 5/15/2014 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Though I started recently, my experience with the company is so far good. Whenever I had any concerns there was someone to attend that. Timely pay is another point which I should stress. Overall, I recommend this company.

- Business Analyst - - - 5/14/2014 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Precisions Technologies is an excellent company to work for. The management and the marketing team are very cooperative with great work ethic and excellent resource. The training program is also excellent that's geared towards helping you advance in your career. Salary and benefits are competitive and above market average. If you are looking to enter into IT field, I high recommend considering Precision Technologies as your next employer.

- Business Analyst - - - 5/14/2014 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Good consulting company with numerous big clients relationship such as UPS, HSBC, ETS, etc. Competitive rate of compensation. Provide H1b Sponsorship.

- Business Systems Analyst - - - 5/14/2014 - flag as inappropriate - comment
This is an excellent and genuine company to work with, Got my H1b petition approved from here.They are well equipped with an aggressive marketing team and a cognizant immigrations department. Pay is very well on time and have decent, transparent billing rates .I highly recommend this organization to those who are looking for placement and VISA.

- Analyst Programmer - - agada - 5/14/2014 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I would like to thank Precision Technologies Corp for excellent services provided with filing and sponsoring H1B visa.
The team was well aware of all the processes and were readily available to answer any Visa related queries.
They are very helpful and courteous.
I would recommend going to them for filing H1B visas as they are very reliable and services provided are excellent.

- Good Company to Work With - - Abhraneel - 5/13/2014 - flag as inappropriate - comment
After doing loads of researches following my graduation i joined Precision Technologies with lots of hope and they didn't disappointed me.I joined their business analysis training and got placed to a well reputed US based MNC. The BA training is very good and marketing team is decent. Again its up to your luck how quickly you get placed by cracking the interview. I have seen people getting placed withing 2 weeks after the training and some takes around 2 months. They try every possible way to place you as quickly as possible. The pay structure is also decent and transparent.

In a nutshell its a good company to work with. I will recommend Precision highly to the people who wants to pursue their career in Business Analysis role

- Business Systems Analyst - - Samad - 5/13/2014 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Precision Technologies Corp is a good company to work for. They have good market recognition and have many direct clients. They treat their employees with respect and honesty. They do have different options for employment i.e. Full time or Consultant. Healthcare option is decent for full-time employees. Bottom-line, they have good marketing team, salary is competitive with other major vendors and they treat you with honesty.

- Good Firm to work with - - Safeer - 2/24/2014 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I am employed with Precision Technologies for past 2 years. I feel this is one of the Honest Consulting firm I came across. They are very transparent in billing, Immigration and H1 transfer. Salary is very much on time. Precision Tech marketing team is very good and they try to place ASAP if people will be coming off the project. And they have very good attorney. They are ready to give training for the consultant if they want to excel in his/her career. Precision Tech is very good firm to work and can trust to work with.

- Oracle DBA - - - 2/24/2014 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I have been working at Precision Technologies for more than 2

I would recommend this company to a friend – I'm optimistic about the outlook for this company

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