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3060 Kimball Bridge Road Alpharetta, GA 30022Alert: One LC denied or withdrawn!
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Rate and Review Pyramid Consulting, Inc.

- Worst Consultancy - - Kumar Exclusive - 6/22/2023 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I receive 100s of job emails, all of them are FAKE.

- FRAUD - - Abhi - 2/22/2021 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I worked with them and they did not pay the money for the time I worked for. When I called and asked, they are simply saying no one can do anything to us. These people are rude & fraud.

I don't understand how these guys are still on business. I am going to file the case against them with the labour department.

- Senior Software Engineer - - krishna - 11/4/2020 - flag as inappropriate - comment
It's a fraud company. Please don't ruin your life.
My Client used to pay 110$ per hour and these guys never shared the PO and paid me only 65$ per hour.
Once Client project was ended, They terminated me without paying my earned leaves on a two week notice period.

     Abhi - 2/22/2021 - I totally agree with you. I got cheated by these people and these guys are fraud. - flag

- think Bait and Switch when you think Pyramid Consulting Group - - joe - 4/19/2019 - flag as inappropriate - comment
They promise a salary which you agree, then after you get job and give 2 week notice to your job, they call you and say they change their mind about salary, they are paying too much, so your in a situation of weakness and they take ADVANTAGE of it..... so you agree to lower pay.

I contacted another agency and the pay was even higher but they could not work with me because i had already signed up with Pyramid Consulting Group.

BAIT and SWITCH is what Pyramid Consulting Group is about they are thinking about themself first, ------- highly avoid...............

- Fraud company - - - 9/25/2018 - flag as inappropriate - comment
This is the worst company to work for...BEWARE!! They lied to me about the pay and when I get paid. Unprofessional. The manager sent me harassing emails trying to block me from the company because I didn't agree to the pay. I was told that I was supposed to get paid every week until the last minute I find out its every two weeks. Don't know the staffing agency that pays their clients every two weeks. Because I declined the offer, the staffing manager came back with threatening emails, voicemails, and texts. Telling me she is going to block me from the company. They are very unprofessional, I spoke to three different with three different answers. Nobody is on the same accord. They all have different numbers. Unprofessional and not trustworthy. Harassing company. They will try and mess up your career if you don't work for them. BEWARE!!! Terrible place. If I could give them a -100 I would. I hope they read this too. You know what I'm talking about. Very deceitful manager.
     abhi - 2/22/2021 - 100% agreed - flag

- **FRAUDULENT COMPANY** - - To close this down! - 5/10/2018 - flag as inappropriate - comment
This company is a fraud. Desperate to find a job, I unfortunately got taken for a ride by this company. Everything was a waste of time and lies.. They send me to a suspicious interview. They were very unprofessional. They dared to try sending me miles and miles away from where I live. They are also incredibly stupid and deeply disorganized. Extremely dody, this company is a fraud. IF you look for work, do not respond to those people, they are dangerous.

- developer - - - 11/22/2017 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Rude people
Always trying to manipulate
never pay the salaries on time
worst company to join.
Ignore these people and teach them a lesson so they know how to treat professionals
be professional pyramid

- Never Join - - - 12/10/2015 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Never Join...Never Join...Never Join....Never Join

- Fraud Company - - - 9/23/2015 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Do not submit any profile to them on corp-corp.All are Cheaters

- Ex employee - - - 9/24/2014 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Never join this company, this company with full of cheaters.
if you join this company for Green card, your US life will be spoiled.

Beware of this company

- Fraud Fraud - - - 9/24/2014 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I am writing this review from my own experience. This is a fraud of a company and joining it may jeopardize your career forever.

- Fake Emails... - - - 7/18/2013 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I do not understand this company..I do not know anything about them. But they used to send such an emails like that I've already applied for their company and used send fake emails for H1 transfer as well...Very irritating....

- Horrible company - - - 2/22/2013 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Do not submit any profile to them on corp-corp, no control.

- worst company and they tell lies . Never join them - - - 1/23/2013 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Their Visas at India are getting rejected . They are not paying their employees and INS found out and they rejected my visa

- bad company - - - 12/5/2012 - flag as inappropriate - comment

- very bad comapany to work with - - - 12/5/2012 - flag as inappropriate - comment

Submited my resume thru these guys to Verizon . once i get placed they came back to me with rate negotioation . They accepeted with 65 per hour and came back to me with 47 per hour . I dont have a job at that time so i accepted . Once i go inside i came to know the rate is 97 per hour . See how they cheat their emploees . Never join them all Verizon team in this company are attitude fellows .

I left them and i joined AT&T and i am very happy now and working with different consutency

- i never seen this type of unprofessional people - - Kumar soni - 9/18/2012 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Never work with this company . I am going to DOL on them
They stopped my salaries and playing with me
I wrote an email to my client also . Never work with this company . There are so many stupids in this company

Owner never speaks to consultant

- never join them - - - 9/13/2012 - flag as inappropriate - comment

- worst management and they live with lies - - - 9/5/2012 - flag as inappropriate - comment
They will tell you we have all direct clients . Dont belive them ; They wont pay your salaries , they will diduct salaries with excuses .

worst company dont believe them

- very bad company - - Thomas john - 8/28/2012 - flag as inappropriate - comment
they are block listed by USCIS . Very bad company . They say we have lot of clients . But you wont get your H1 or green card

- Worst company - - Preet singh - 8/27/2012 - flag as inappropriate - comment

These guys are attitude people . Never work with them
Every thing they talk about their direct clients are lies
never work with them
Their H1s and green cards are getting querries

waste company


- Advertisements to bypass immigration requirements. - - - 4/24/2011 - flag as inappropriate - comment
This company publishes advertisements just bypass the immigration laws. They use these ads to show that there is no qualified person in the united states so they get immigrant visas for their company. If a qualified person like me applies for the job they come up with unreasonable requirements. Like travelling out of state for 3 months and no travel allowance, till you decline the job and they show to the ICE that no qualified candidate exists in the united states.
Let all the candidates who have applied and fooled by these fictitious advertisements contact the Immigration and ban these guys from ever getting an H1 or a green card.

- Never worked with Pyramid - - Anonymous - 3/22/2010 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Never worked with Pyramid. They never pay on time.
      - 5/19/2012 - The worst company I have ever worked with. They play with employees career. I'd suggest never ever work with this company. - flag

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Employer: Pyramid Consulting
Review Result: 1.2 out of 5 stars 23 votes

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