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120 Presidential Way Woburn, MA 1801Alert: 9 LCs denied or withdrawn!
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1 review or comment about Randstad Technologies, LLC has been flagged as inappropriate and is under investigation.

- Success with Randstad - - Balaji_18 - 10/24/2018 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Here is my honest opinion about Randstad Technologies and the recruiters I worked with during process. I have been working with Randstad for years and it has been the best experience. First, the company is very stable (unlike some others I worked for). I have also notice that salary compensation is very much better than most competing companies. My recruiter really worked with me on what I wanted and he made everything very easy for me and family. It has been a pleasure working with Randstad and would very highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for change. I wish that all companies in the recruitment/staffing industry was as easy and helpful as Randstad and the recruiters.

- Really good choice - - Jyoti D - 8/10/2018 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Really good choice for me to come here. At first I was weary with current administration and climate for H1b. But from first time I spoke to this recruiter, I felt no pressure. Finally cracked an interview and got to join. Good TC for me, confirmed it was well over prevailing wage. I got to see client letter on day 1 as he promised. Got approval for 1 year, but they were so thorough up to that point, I gave employer written notice after LCA. SO happy with Randstad itself so far.

- Randstad Immigration Review - - Amit K. - 11/20/2017 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Randstads Immigration department does a wonderful job in following everything by the book so that H-1B candidates do not have to worry.

The recruiter I was working with was very professional and helpful when it came to answering any concerns that I had. He was proactively getting my resume across to many clients that matched my profile. I transferred my H-1B visa and I am more than happy with the decision I made to join Randstad.

Finding another project is not something that will happen over night but with patience and doing well in interviews you will find something very quickly. Randstad offers salary paid in full, green card processing after 90 days on first project, premium processing and relo after first project.

I am very happy with the decision I made because everything is done by the book!

- Best company I've worked for - - Vikram - 4/10/2017 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I am H1-B visa holder that transferred to Randstad and it was honestly the best decision I made. Randstad has been 100% honest and does not treat you like those other companies (Infosys, Cognizant, TCS, etc) I have work with those companies and I have friends who worked with them also and they do not compare to Randstad.

I joined Randstad about 9 months ago and my friends have been with Randstad for about 1.5 years and working all with the same recruiter. We were new to U.S. and he took care of everything for us.

The key is to work with an Immigration Recruiter person who knows everything about the immigration side and can help guide you down correct path. The recruiter has been like a mentor to be and my family and has kept us safe and secure through everything.

I highly recommend working with Randstad!

Thank you

- Top of the Line - - - 1/31/2017 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I have heard lots of good things about Randstad. Sure, any time anyone leaves a company, they will remember all the negative things they encountered, which it seems is being done here.

You can have positive and negative thoughts, but the main thing being, this is a reputable company that is not willing to take risks with visa holders and their status. They don't break any USCIS rules, pay for everything in premium, and initiate GC faster than any other company out there, all while providing a very solid annual salary.

Careful not to get greedy with the first project's salary though, because as stated before, they will NOT lower salary after first project. (Which one would assume is a good thing more often than not, no?)

Make sure you work with a recruiter who knows the process well.

- H1B - Don't join - - sameer - 8/16/2016 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I was working more than two years, my project ended. Got only one interview call during one month bench period. After they revoked my H1B. I requested them to hold for 2-3 weeks, as H1B transfer need a client letter, and I was in the process of transfer and getting client letter, but they never put a second thought. They go by their rules, never though our situation. My wife is in critical condition and was under medical treatment(send all the medical letter/proof), I explained everything, still it didn't work. They told, according to our policy, we will revoke H1B after four weeks of your project ended. Even I didn't know they will revoke H1B, which I got to know before two weeks only.

So, bottom-line : If you are joining on H1B with Randstad, be ready to depart USA anytime, as its difficult to get a new project sometime in four weeks, until and unless you know your project is going to end before enough time and you started searching your job.
     Sid - 5/9/2019 - Absolutely right... - flag

- They are man movers. H1-B visa holders, please be aware of this company. Think several times before you decide to join - - - 4/27/2016 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Extremely unreliable company especially for H1-B visa holders. Especially they revoke your visa if you loose client project any time.
     Ganesh - 7/25/2016 - can you give a salary figure for which H1B gets revoked when someone loses a client billing? - flag

- Beware H1B holders - - - 8/19/2015 - flag as inappropriate - comment
They are called Randstad but their immigration department is called DBConcepts, aka DBC.
1. Never trust recruiters promises. They may convince you like anything and be behind you to put in a project. Please get everything in writing from the Senior Officials of DBC that is from their email id to your personal email id. When I was skeptical for my first deployment, they put me in a conference call with all senior officials and I bombarded with all my checklist of questions on pay, immigration, GC etc but still faced the heat during second re-deployment.
2.As long as project is going good, you are fine. Once its done you have to face horrible situation esp if you are married. They will get you submitted but cant promise to get project and you don't know next proj location.
3. They will revoke your H1 after 4 weeks of project completion and will be ready to get you and your family a ticket if you would like to go back to your home country.
4. A couple of good things that happened to me - Recruiter relationship was awesome(may differ case to case), on time payment, excellent immigration service, H1 was done on premium. no question about that! They pay till PERM and you pay beyond that. Immigration attorneys/lawyers are AWESOME! Very prompt service. They were ON TOP of my case every step and second.
5. If your GC is in middle and you couldn't get a proj on bench then you will soon go out of status and your life is sacked.
6. Health, Vision, Dental insurance are okay.
7. Most projects they have NO direct client contacts, they submit through a vendor portal and wait for response and most of the times, no response will come.
I was submitted to more than 200 positions in 2 months but I received just ONE CALL. Can you imagine! Just ONE Call!
8. Only direct client submissions and they will only submit there. No C2C/Corp-to-corp possible. So, chances of getting interview calls are extremely low unless you are on hot cake technology of the market.
9. They will NOT do anything beyond company policy. Simply Nothing!
10. Safe bet is to join with lower or mid level bill rate with them because re-deployments happen ONLY if the new project yield is either equal or higher bill rates. Because, as per their company policy, they will NEVER pay less since the time you joined even though you say you are okay with. Their formula is simple, if you get X Dollars, your bill rate will be greater than or equal to 2X. So, be careful in what you agree to until you get GC. I would suggest you to stay somewhere less than 100K for you to make your life easy for redeployments.
11. Will all these having said, I would suggest you to better choose another employer that may be stable and that gives you a positive feel and job security.
      - 4/27/2016 - They are man movers. H1-B visa holders, please be aware of this company. Think several times before you decide to join - flag
      - 8/16/2016 - Completely agree with all of the above comments. - flag
      - 1/31/2017 - You've contradicted yourself multiple times here, and although this post has been up for over 18 months, it must be responded to so that others are not led astray by one.

You say that you should never trust your recruiter, yet one of your positive reviews is that you loved your recruiter relationship....

Everyone knows how niche their skillset is. If you decide you "deserve" $130K for a Big Data Developer, you better know it’s going to be pretty hard to find something else higher than that. Randstad does not break any USCIS laws, so they will not lower LCA, even if the employee is ok with it. Just because they're ok with breaking the law, Randstad is not. You mention a negative is that they won't do anything beyond the company policy. Would you WANT a company to go breaking rules left and right to placate whatever demand you have at the time? Who's to say if they do that for 1 person, that they then wouldn't be breaking not only company policies, but USCIS policies?
- flag
      - 1/31/2017 - I also somehow doubt the person who wrote this review was submitted to 200 positions in 2 months. If that really was the case, then you can't say there wasn't a legitimate effort put there by Randstad to redeploy. Maybe it was the profile which wasn't attracting the attention?

Your formula is way off. If it were anywhere close to being true, do you really think 1700+ clients nationwide would be ok paying $200K bill for a $100K developer for over a 6 month contract? That would make no financial sense for anyone to that, let alone the biggest financial companies in the country that Randstad works with.

- flag

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Employer: Randstad Technologies
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