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Rate and Review Renee Systems, Inc.

2 reviews or comments about Renee Systems, Inc. have been flagged as inappropriate and are under investigation.

- Worst Consultancy - - Kumar Exclusive - 6/20/2023 - flag as inappropriate - comment
One of my followers told me this is a worst consultancy and requested me to add this to the LIST of worst consultancies that I and Americans maintains it. USCIS officials have to look into this.

- FRAUD AND CHEATERS - - Mahesh - 1/29/2022 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I will straight forward explain you my personal experience, when I was working with them, they initially told to provide incentives in the form of bonus every quarter because these guys will not give you your complete salary and keep some portion with themselves. At the time of giving bonus, they started giving excuses and will not pay you a penny. Theses people are not trustworthy and will highly recommend not to join this FRAUD COMPANY.

- BLACKLIST THIS COMPANY!!! - - AnushkaR - 1/27/2022 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I have recently started working with them and realized soon how unprofessional they are in their business and work culture. Like any other consultancy,they will work on percentage basis and wont share the actual rate with the employee. I had faced many issues related to marketing my profile,on time payment, non responsive behavior from their team members and company owner.I would highly recommend everyone NOT TO join this company and it SHOULD BE BLACKLISTED.

- Scrum Master - - Maha - 3/23/2018 - flag as inappropriate - comment
The management tackles any and every situation at hand efficiently. Amazing marketing team and friendly staff. I got job when the markets were tough so that does shows the company’s commitment to excellence. Amazingly open work culture. No restrictions whatsoever. My experience with the company has been the most fascinating one.

- Business Analyst. - - Vivek - 3/22/2018 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Working with Renee from 1.5 years, the thing that stands out about them is their professionalism. I really thank management for making the promise that they are here to make people's career and not just to find a job. The management team is easily accessible, supportive and down to earth. Awesome work culture, value their employees. The leadership team and management team are at its best. I worked with few companies earlier but Renee is the best among all for me. Timely payment, no surprises.
They keep on helping you in all ways, until you get a proper project. Excellent marketing team is the additional strength of the company.

- Business Analyst. - - - 3/21/2018 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Fast job placements, I got within 1 month of bench period. Very aggressive and productive marketing team for job placement. It is the perfect job personally for me and I am very happy working with Renee. I always received support whenever needed from the management. Growth opportunities here are immense, and management is always willing to help work with you to help achieve your career goals.
Continue making careers of people. I am proud to be working for Renee Systems

- PROJECT MANAGER - - - 3/7/2018 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I am one of the guy who got placed and going through successful carrier from past 3 years. I referred at least 15 people and neither I nor my friends have any complaints about the company or management. We are getting paid timely without any delay. As per my knowledge the management of Renee showed carrier path to more than 1000 people roughly.
I really felt bad when I saw some of the negative reviews here from some of the frustrated souls. With respect to Guest House absolutely I do not see any problem unless we stay in the palaces in the past.

- Scrum Master - - Atul - 3/7/2018 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I have been working at Renee System as Scrum Master. It is the best place for an individual to start a career. The marketing team is hardworking, responsible and encouraging. The marketing stays dedicated and provides individual attention to every consultant until we gets placed. I would advise aspiring consultants to stay focused to their aim, commit to work and be honest to get the best benefits out of Renee Systems. The Managers are friendly and approachable in solving the problems. I thank the Renee Systems for the great job.
This is not only known for providing a job but also known for building your career. Their marketing strategy is one of the best and their recruiters stand out of the industry. It is one of the best place to look up to if you want to excel in your career.
This is a blessing in disguise for the desperate job seekers.

- Business Analyst. - - Anusha - 3/7/2018 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Working at Renee Systems as Business Analyst. Management backed by excellent marketing team with thorough knowledge on profile finds a right job for you. Free accommodation and training is provided before being shortlisted for the interview to ensure that employee is well equipped on the requisite skill and get placed in the company. If you want to excel in your career as Business Analyst, this is the best company to work with. They maintain good employee- employer relationship. They provide training and accommodation. Work ethic and commitment are the key factors that keep this company cut above the rest.

I thank the Renee Systems for the support and guidance.

- Business Systems Analyst. - - Srinivas - 3/7/2018 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I enjoy working with the company. I noticed that objective of the organisation is the same right from top to bottom. They never leave the stone unturned and always strives to find an opportunity to prove yourself in the interviews and get a right job. I was surprised that with the support of the Marketing Team. I am really indebted to Renee Systems for the great job.

Marketing Team is very enthusiastic, energetic, pro-active and always in cheerful disposition. Marketing team makes sure that profile is shortlisted for the interview based on skill and support till the employee is placed on the payroll of the company.

- Scrum Master - - - 3/7/2018 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Renee Systems is a best place for those who are looking to build a career as a Business Analyst. I have researched many companies and it was a blessing in disguise that I stumbled across this company and I really enjoy working with them. The Management is very supportive and always at the back till you get through in the interview and placed in a job. I am working at Renee Systems as Scrum Master from past 5 months.

Management is very friendly and guide to resolve the problem instantly. They never let down. The marketing team ensures that you are placed in least possible time.

- Business Systems Analyst/Scrum Master - - - 3/7/2018 - flag as inappropriate - comment
The Management is participative. The level of training they provide is simply superb. It gives us a confidence that we are sure to get placed in a company without an iota of doubt.

It offers excellent marketing of your career to reach greater heights one ever dreamt of. Their level of commitment and approach are simply cut above the rest. I would strongly recommend to the professionals looking to excel their career as Business Analyst.

- Business Systems Analyst. - - Ravi Mutthu - 3/7/2018 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Renee Systems is a best place for those who are looking to build a career as a Business Analyst. I have researched many companies and it was a blessing in disguise that I stumbled across this company and I really enjoy working with them. The Management is very supportive and always at the back till you get through in the interview and placed in a job.

- Dedicated marketing team with knowledge on your profile - - Karthik - 3/7/2018 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I have been working at Renee Systems as Business System Analyst. Dedicated marketing team with knowledge on your profile will place you in right job. They have scheduled interviews in more than one company and make sure that you are placed in one of the company. Thanks to Renee Systems for your support and without your guidance this would not be possible. I strongly recommend to my friends and acquaintance.

- I am not sure who is giving them 5 star reviews!! - - maheshisanasshole - 2/14/2018 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I am not sure who is giving these guys good reviews. I was with renne system and I can say with absolute certainty that it’s the worst company ever! Firstly their guest house is so filthy that one might get sick staying there. Food is hardly worth eating and the overall appearance is like some slum. But I cant blame them here since before joining they warn you that it is like some prison and you will be treated like a prisoner!! Granted we are not there for enjoying any amenities and just to get a job, but they sure can be atleast a little bit respectful to the people you are going to make money off of ! The training is fine and placement is okay as well, but the way they treat you totally compensates for it. You will always find the Jailer standing at the gate (mostly always holding a beer and a cigarette) watching over students as if he owns you! One example that comes to my mind is when one of the consultant went to india for some family mater, he was yelled at disrespectfully when he came back, since I am assuming the company lost money from his salary. They should atleast keep in mind that employing someone doesn’t mean owning someone!
According to me the positive reviews they are getting is from their own self! Even if you get a job from this company just work till they get their visa good and get a full time job later.
Lots to work on Renee!!

- Motivating management - - SriKarthik - 5/1/2017 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I have been working through Renee Systems as a SCRUM MASTER. (More than 6 months). Renee Systems recognises true potential of human capital and provides people the right opportunities for growth and professional excellence. Renee Systems cares their consultants a lot. They will even travel to meet consultants they've placed if required and will talk to them about any issues or concerns or just to see how good the things are going. They really pay attention towards their consultants. The entire company is full of dedicated, hardworking, driven individuals who strive for success every day. The management has great vision of where they want to take the consultants with their vast experience.I would highly recommend joining Renee Systems to any person who is hardworking, goal driven, motivated and looking for a passionate career
      - 5/6/2017 - Hi Karthik, Could you please share your contact info? My OPT period is expiring soon and I am thinking of joining Renee but I don't know if I should. Really need to talk to you for confirmation. - flag
     Shaharia - 8/29/2017 - Can you please give me a reference? I am in H1B visa now and I am interested to transfer my H1B to Renee Systems, I just need a reference from somebody. Could you please help?

Shaharia - flag
      - 12/1/2017 - Hi Karthik! Did you have any location preference when you were searching for the projects. Did Renee system take into consideration of your location preference. - flag
     Rishi - 12/7/2017 - Can you share you contact info? I am on OPT and plan to join Renee. Does Renee provide any kind of training material or classroom training ?
Plz get in touch at
- flag

- Awesome culture, management has clear vision what they want to do.. - - Agile Project Manager - 4/24/2017 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Marketing my resume through Renee Systems has higher success rate than other generic job seeking services and the managers (both onsite and offshore) at Renee Systems call you sometimes to check up on you, asking if you need help and to know the satisfaction level of marketing status of your resume. It is a great company to start your career with. The competitive atmosphere pushes you beyond your limit to work hard and strive for the best. If you are goal driven, then Renee is the best fit for you. You will find genuine people in the company that wish you nothing but success and will help you obtain that.
      - 12/1/2017 - Did you have any location preference when you were searching for the projects. Did Renee system take into consideration of your location preference. - flag
      - 12/1/2017 - Did you have any location preference when you were searching for the projects. Did Renee system take into consideration of your location preference. - flag

- Business Systems Analyst. - - - 4/18/2017 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Renee Systems administration has an extraordinary measure of understanding and an unlimited market knowledge. Over my time filling in as a consultant for Renee, I have had no inconvenience. Individuals are amicable and are prepared to help given any circumstance. Amid my Marketing I was getting more than 5-6 requirements for work regularly. The offshore group of marketing team was dependable, paying special attention to the most appropriate opportunities in view of my profile, involvement and experience. They are accessible throughout the day through office communicator or telephone calls and give all of you the data sources you have to excel the interviews with clients. On account of them, the takeoff is snappy and every one of the Management team helped me land a reasonable position within 2 months
     Shaharia - 8/29/2017 - Can you please give me a reference? I am in H1B visa now and I am interested to transfer my H1B to Renee Systems, I just need a reference from somebody. Could you please help?

Shaharia - flag
      - 12/1/2017 - Did you have any location preference when you were searching for the projects. Did Renee system take into consideration of your location preference. - flag

- Business Analyst - - ChrisJosh - 4/2/2017 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Sometimes the biggest criticisms of online reviews is that too many of them are vindictive which ultimately makes it less useful

I have been with Renee for quite sometime now and I would certainly recommend anybody with the willingness to work hard and the integrity to stay focused to accomplish what they would want to.There would be challenges of course which would have to be overcome to gain knowledge and expertise.

Good place and nice management with proper ethics and a disciplined strategy towards helping students build an amazing career.

Thankful to everybody here and especially my mentor who was instrumental in moulding me to what I am now.


- BA training - - - 2/16/2017 - flag as inappropriate - comment
The worst place someone can be in.. total hell! The manager is very very rude (Mahesh), uses foul language and disgraces people. Most of the people who were with me dint get a job for months and eventually left the place. Very inhumane treatment(40-50 ppl in a small house), horrible living conditions and no proper food.In one incident, I saw a girl break down and the next min every gal in the room was crying .. that is when I realized how mentally tortured people are. Mahesh blackmailed me into joining and paying for the training, promised to apply for visa and dint. Its almost a year now and I am very happily working as an Android Developer with another firm. Please don't put urself thru that torture, not worth it.
      - 2/17/2017 - Is this one year ago? Is the current position also same? I am planning to join this and i am really confused after seeing your post. - flag
      - 2/18/2017 - it depends on you actually. People say their training is good.. they just make u mug up concepts over and over. No matter which place you join, you will eventually get a job with time. As per getting job in 2 months.. I have seen ppl not getting a job for 6 months in Renee. they just brain wash us.
My personal exp is to never join that place. I feel nothing is worth that torture. there are much better consultancies out there that treat you with respect. - flag
      - 2/18/2017 - And apparently its even worse now. So stay away if possible. - flag
      - 2/23/2017 - After seeing you in a confused stage by seeing the above review posted by some guy, I want to say simply one thing to you …go, join Renee Systems without any hesitation. I have been working with Renee for long time. Renee is a 12 years old company and they have placed more than 700 consultants. Over a span of 12 years there will be some unsatisfied consultants, opponents which is inevitable. In a nutshell I can tell one thing …follow the rules of Renee and get job with in no time.
One can imagine the kind of grudge this person is having on the company which is clearly visible after seeing the way he took out personal names, which is against the terms and conditions of the website.
- flag
     Ravi - 4/11/2017 - Hello,

I had in touch with rennee systems and I was contacted by Robert
, and he had taken 3 weeks to give an initial response even before screening and finally he said that as I was born in 1993
they couldn't hire me. I just wasted that time thinking that they are going to hire me. - flag
      - 4/11/2017 - Hi,

Could you please let me know any good consultancies that you aware of irrespective of domian. Your response will be appreciated - flag

- Business Systems Analyst. Excellent way of training. - - - 12/7/2016 - flag as inappropriate - comment

I joined with Renee and had awesome training as a BSA.That time period in my life was unforgettable with Renee team. After training it took only three weeks to get a job for me.The training was good.The way they trained me was excellent.I would like to say the training which we get from Renee will be totally different and can not comparable with other consulting companies.I would like to recommend all the consultants who are seeking a nice place to start their career come and join with Renee and see the change by your own.
I would like to thank offshore marketing team which is a big asset to Renee,they helped me a lot by giving number of vendor calls per day until I got placed.Even the way Renee markets the consultants will be different.
     Shaharia - 8/29/2017 - Can you please give me a reference? I am in H1B visa now and I am interested to transfer my H1B to Renee Systems, I just need a reference from somebody. Could you please help?

Shaharia - flag

- Scrum Master - - - 12/6/2016 - flag as inappropriate - comment

I have been working at Renee Systems (Less than a year)
A transparent and very well organized company. Pays prompt salaries. As a worst case scenario I saw someone get a job in three and a half months. On an average, people get jobs in two and a half months. They have good client and vendor relationships. Can attain a lot of knowledge that supports at work place. Over all the pros I mentioned, a lot of dedication and hard work will support the employee in cracking a job sooner. It's a hard environment and makes you job ready both in skill and will.
As I mentioned above, it is a restricted environment. You can expect good facilities and neatness, but not comfort. There is a strict schedule that is in place and everyone has to adhere to the schedule, no skipping preparatory sessions. I have heard few people complaining about food that does not have adequate salt and other such silly reasons/problems. I said silly because the purpose one is there for is totally different and focus on something beside it. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE HABIT OF DOING HARD WORK,THIS COMPANY IS NOT YOUR CHOICE.

- Business Analyst Great Marketing and Training - - - 12/1/2016 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I am with this company for more than 2 years now and never had complaints, excellent pay and on time and they are always there if you need anything.

Will recommend Renee Systems to everyone because of their training and Marketing team as I saw people with zero knowledge are working as Project Managers, BA, BSA and so on

     Rishi - 11/26/2017 - Can u provide some details? whats the pay package? Is it in class training? plz share your experience?
are they professional - flag

- Very excellent consultancy, especially for "Business Analyst" - - Chandra - 12/1/2016 - flag as inappropriate - comment

Recommends very strongly.
After researching so many companies similar to Renee Systems Inc., I finally feel satisfied working with Renee Systems Inc. Very cooperative and totally goal oriented. They have helped me to be in my career at the right spot where I was supposed to be. If you want to make money and work hard this is the company that you should be working. They are on the plan of helping and making career for very student and have treated everyone similar. Hey, we are hardworking and making money and the best career in two weeks since joined. Please join this company only if u are ready to hard work because success will be yours only if you are dedicated. The director showed me a dream on my first day and showed me all the steps to make it happen, here I am. Happy, satisfied and will keep working with them.Training was very excellent,of course its rigorous but to get a job ASAP its very much necessary.
Work hard from your side superb marketing team is there to give number of vendor calls every day until you get a job.

- Amazing Experience, Great Opportunities and Unforgettable memories. - - - 12/1/2016 - flag as inappropriate - comment

Let's see the different aspects : 1) Training: I took the training in PL/SQL, and I can say I got the best trainer I could ever get---Lot of H/w exercises, programming exercise and real life professional scenarios (form the trainer). I used to like database before came to Renee, but the trainer made me to fall in love with this subject.. 2) Guest House: Being very honest here, I simply hated the guest house when I came and see it first. There was a chaos and so many people there; I didn't talk to people for at least 2-3 weeks, but when I started knowing them and talking to them, I would say I enjoyed the most---weekend Cooking , study hours and basement :) , music in the backyard and patio, evening walk, movies, food, birthday parties and so on... Besides the training, guest house environment was also great learning and fun experience.. 3) Marketing: Bit stressful period, BUT if you won't give up and keep up preparing your self, you will definitely get a good (multiple) jobs.. This period teaches not to give up. Renee systems has a great marketing team, I was getting min 6-7 calls to max 15-17 calls per day and within 3 weeks I got a job..They have a great clients (Apple, Wells fargo. DuPont, Sears, American Express, etc..) I got a job in different field (Oracle DBA) than the field I took a training in, but they are providing the training for DBA too (of course paid) and it's worth taking it.
Overall, for me it's the great learning and living experience.

- VERY VERY BAD CONSULTANCY FOR BA - - Sagar Patel - 11/23/2016 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I usually dont give lesser than 3 stars to anything and anyone. But this consultancy doesn't deserve any stars AT ALL. This is the worst consultancy one can go to. (So can suggest to your enemies) Had nightmarish experience, online training that was hardly beneficial, a guest house apartment with 35 people living in one small house and which is illegal and and and moreover bad bad attitude and no professionalism by a guy who runs it named Mahesh, he always be there which is good but most of the time he is DRUNK and then he abuses people and their looks and voice pitch and just simple demotivate them by calling them parasites. For me, lately they realized that voice pitch and all matters to be a BA and which is kind of discrimination and manipulated me to leave that place and i am so blessed that they did as I joined new consultancy which is way better and supportive and fetch me with the good company after passing face to face interview and paying even more than Renee. PLEASE do not consider joining it even if it is the last choice for your and your beloved self. I would say not ONLY ME but many people had left this place due to his irresponsible and unprofessional attitude towards all consultants.
      - 11/30/2016 - Hi Sagar,

This is Mahesh, I am intrested to pursue mr career as a BA and I'm thinking alot whether to join in Renee Systems or not. Can you please let me know your advice on this if not please give me your contact number to reach you - flag
      - 12/12/2016 - sagar can you please let me know what is the new consultancy that you joined - flag
     Rishi - 12/7/2017 - So which consultancy did you join post Renee? can you share details. I have graduated and I am on OPT. - flag
      - 12/10/2017 - can you suggest good consultancies on BA? - flag

- Great Team with perfect planning. - - Business Analyst - leading a successful career - 1/7/2016 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I have been to other company and waited for long time and they didn't even set one interview to me and say market is bad.
When I am loosing my hope, my friend referred me to renee systems and I cleared three screening levels and they accepted me as consultant.

Day one in Renee, I have a very clear road map provided, what am I going to do here to get a job in 2 weeks.

Great training program, well discipline environment and great marketing support.

With support of Marketing team and mentor, I got a job in 13 days. I highly recommend to anyone. Thanks Renee for guiding me to a right career.

- Hadoop Developer - - - 1/5/2016 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I am fortunate to be with Renee as my friend recommended it and it was the best advise he gave as I know many who wasted time going to different consultancies.

First thing training which helped me a lot in sustaining in the job and it is rigorous but worth it.

Management They provide you with all the necessities and always approachable 24/7.

Marketing is the best no flaws at all

Will recommend Renee Systems

- business analyst - - - 1/5/2016 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I had the worst experience with this consultancy. the guest house is in very bad condition full of bed bugs.they make 10 people stay in a 2 bedroom apartment and make you even sleep on the floor.the manager is so rude and dominating that he does not even knock while coming into the girls room. he talks rudely and dominates you to is really poor , as they make you watch videos for hours that too all of poor quality.when you will go there they will always makes excuses for consultants who are not placed from 5 to 6 months by saying that there is some issue in their opt status which is not at all true.
guys its a scam stay away from this company.....

- BA Analyst - - - 12/23/2015 - flag as inappropriate - comment
First of all,I should say that I'm really upset to find at least one or two bad reviews about the training offered, freedom, torture and hygine.
And the reason its not true and
whoever is commenting please be honest If you cant take the heat just leave it.

Hence if you are in the look out for a great job and a superior training program ,this is the best place for you..!!

- Nothing great about Renee - - student - 12/7/2015 - flag as inappropriate - comment
There is nothing great about this consultancy, they are training is not excellent. they are giving very less salary to consultants. there is nothing unique about them, their guest house is very unhygienic with bed bugs. lot of their consultants get affected with bed bugs because of staying in their guest houses. they torture students and do not give them freedom.

- Business Analyst - - Jeet - 8/25/2015 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Best management ever! They council students based on their backgrounds. Based on their advice, got trained in Business Analyst and got job in 8 days once I finished my training !!! I'm super happy and specially marketing team is very motivating, have empathy and go extra mile to help Consultants.
Training was really tough and studying eight hours per day is not a easy thing , but to get a job every body has to do hard work.

- BUSINESS ANALYST - - Rekha - 8/21/2015 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Renee is result oriented and hard working company, mainly I observed everyone in this company- CEO, onshore/managers and marketing team are highly experienced in peoples management, work load balance, healthy and motivate environment.
STRICTLY 8 HOURS study time NO EXCUSES, be prepared for this.

- EXCELLENT COMPANY IN ALL ASPECTS. - - Shyam999 - 8/17/2015 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I am working in Renee Systems from past 2 years as a .NET Developer
Very structured and streamlined company for a consulting organization.Getting my salary on time.I was communicated clearly what they can do. I was recommended by a friend to join them, I recommended two of my friends in the two years I was there. Trust worthy, transparent business process and great employer-employee relationships, great and timely pay.

- Cassandra Developer - - - 8/3/2015 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I am working at Renee Systems as a Cassandra Developer.

Being a female i didn't feel much comfortable coming to the guest house during training and marketing process . But the Management made me feel so comfortable.. i talked to the people who are already in the guest house and then joined Renee. Training provided my them is best in the market. lots of assignments, study hours which will help you to again good amount of knowledge and you will be ready to face interview by the time you complete your training.

Best marketing team. and i did best choice Joining Renee systems.

      - 10/23/2015 - Would you be willing share your experience living in the guest house? - flag
     Shaharia - 8/29/2017 - Can you please give me a reference? I am in H1B visa now and I am interested to transfer my H1B to Renee Systems, I just need a reference from somebody. Could you please help?

Cell: 314-203-8960 - flag

- Business Analyst - - - 8/2/2015 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Renee Systems is a good place to learn and prove your-self. Their training process and marketing process is simply great. They follow one-one step process to make things understand easily and by the time you finish your training, you will be opted with great knowledge which will help you tackle tricky interview questions and get job soon.

Renee is very punctual in paying salaries. Every alternate Tuesday you will be get paid. Friendly Management. They help you in all the way with great efforts.
Plus points of Renee is their screening process and Marketing team.

- SQL Developer - - - 8/2/2015 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I have been working at Renee (less than a year). they gave me a great training which helped me to get a job in 10 day after attending 2 interview.

I am in the market for not less than 2 weeks and now working with a good firm. They are just awesome in placing candidate with good clients. Their marketing team has good rapport with the prime vendors and they get us an interview within a week being in the market. I would like to refer my friends to Renee.

- Business Systems Analyst - - - 8/2/2015 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I am a full-time employee of Renee Systems working as a Business Systems Analyst in a reputed Bank.

Joining Renee is the stepping stone to my carrier. Training given by them is just excellent. Every individual will be assigned with a mentor, group discussions, and study hours conducted in the presence of in-charge, all this will help you to get a job soon which indeed happened to me.I got job is in span of 45 days which includes training. Renee is a good place for one who are very ambitious to get the job fast.

Management is very friendly and helpful. And Renee has excellent marketing team, which is a big assert to it. Marketing team will try their hard to get you the job which suits you best.

Coming to guest house.. it left me lot of memories- i personally feel it as a combination of carrier and enjoyment. lot of friends.

- Data Analyst - - - 8/2/2015 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Exactly what the title says. The focus from day one is to obtain results, and that's exactly what they do. From training (both live training as well as material is provided) to MARKETING, you can expect a highly professional and enthusiastic group of individuals to help drive you towards your career path. A lot of employees are well placed in some of the biggest companies in the country.
Nothing you can't handle if you want a good career path.

- Websphere Admin. - - Rajkumar - 8/2/2015 - flag as inappropriate - comment
For those who are ambitious and want to climb their corporate ladder-Renee Systems is the leader. Renee systems nurtures you in a way that gives you a cutting edge and puts you above the rest.
Training is rigorous and exhausting, but nothing in this world comes for free. So INVEST with your time and reap the fruits in a long run.
Your MARKETEERS are great. So continue to keep and treat them above the rest.

- Business Analyst,P&C - - Rajaty Kulkarni - 8/2/2015 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Renee systems were different since the time they approached me. Their training is intense and very grilling at times and is not for "everyone". In between your training, it is common to contemplate a little on "Did I make a right choice?" As I said it is not for everyone, they are different, they are very very straight forward. You will see the outcome when you are out on a project. PS: If you cook, you're good.

- BA Health Care - - - 8/2/2015 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Was in cross roads what to do and been to many other places and all the other consultancies they just waste time, trust me and I was referred to Renee by my friend whom I always be thankful.

First thing to mention is training, the structure they have and help from Mentors, management especially by CEO and as well as all the others in the guest house is incredible. because of this rigorous training I was able to perform in Job with ease and if i needed any help after that they are ready to help.

Marketing they will not let you breathe untill you get a job:) which is the best

Overall 5 stars from my side in all the departments and I have been reading some bad reviews who ever is written that please come to reality if you dont like somethings personally keep it to yourself as I have friends who are working and I recommended many others who are getting trained or got placed and No one complained till now about anything.

- .NET Developer - - - 8/2/2015 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Training- Training is very good. I was lucky to have some superb mentors who were very experienced and was working for long time in their respective fields. All the programs are well guided and progress is regularly monitored by the management. Training could be hectic because there is no shortage of classes, assignments and presentations . But with proper concentration and dedication you can take your self to a different level in very short time. Guest House- Environment is very good. There is a separate study room for everyone in the basement. Week days are usually busy. We used to party on the weekends. Going to movie or shopping was other options. There is food available in the cooler. If you want you can cook your own food. Marketing- I have to mention about the marketing team specially. They are excellent. I will say one of the bests in the business. They work really hard to find the requirements/clients which is best suited to your resume. And they wont stop until you get placed. It took me a little over three weeks to get the placement.

- Business Analyst - - - 8/2/2015 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Rigorous training makes every anyone associated with Renee a decent business analyst. You will be taken through the basics till the intricate details of industry and skills needed for the job. Renee has experience in this industry and knows the needs of the MARKET. Management and the team knows how to handle market conditions. You will be assigned a mentor who will help you at every step of your progress. This progress is monitored with frequent feedbacks. 4. Vast clientele. Variety of roles and opportunities 6. Healthy competitive environment. Personal attention

- Business Analyst - - - 8/2/2015 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Rigorous training makes every anyone associated with Renee a decent business analyst. You will be taken through the basics till the intricate details of industry and skills needed for the job. Renee has experience in this industry and knows the needs of the MARKET. Management and the team knows how to handle market conditions. 3. You will be assigned a mentor who will help you at every step of your progress. This progress is monitored with frequent feedbacks. 4. Vast clientele 5. Variety of roles and opportunities 6. Healthy competitive environment 7. Personal attention

- Best in the Business - - - 8/2/2015 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I used best in the business as title which tells everything about RENEE. Professionally the way they guide you is amazing. But one have to work hard if you dont then this is not the place for you.

And best thing is everyone who is working either marketing, Adminnistration, Director and so on they know what they are doing and the structure is so organized you will never feel left alone.

I am very fortunate to be part of Renee and I will highly recommend to anyone.

- PL/SQL Developer - - Naga Santosh - 8/2/2015 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I joined with Renee and had awesome training as a PLSQL developer.That time period in my life was unforgettable with help of Renee team and my colleges.After two months of training i was lucky to got a job very soon. I would like to recommend all who seeking a nice place to start your career come and join with Renee and see the change by your own.
I thank marketing team

- .Net Developer - - - 8/2/2015 - flag as inappropriate - comment

I have been working at Renee Systems
Without even a speck of dubiety,I can say that the training program offered is far superior when compared to the ones offered by similar companies.During the training phase,you are assigned a mentor who would make sure that you imbibe the maximum you can ...And the consequence? - As the training comes to an end,you are laden with a great amount of knowledge and confidence. The marketing is simply too good.:)Thanks…

- Wonderful Marketing team and Training - - Rahul - 8/2/2015 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I'm working as Project Manager. I got my job in first interview.

Renee acts as facilitator in helping you learn and bring opportunities to you. It your responsibility to learn and acquire the job.

They do have mentoring program, where consultants will be guided to get trained efficiently.
Training typically lasts for 3weeks. They do series of assignments as part of training get comfortable. One of the best in-house training I've seen so far.

I seriously laugh at people who commented below about their marketing team. Renee marketing team is the core competency of the company. They are just extra ordinary in getting opportunities to consultants.

As I mentioned its very much self driven. You can get job in less than 3 weeks. Provided you give 100% commitment.

I was part of other consultancies before joining Renee. I see them to be very transparent about everything. I never saw people having issues with Renee while I was there.

The consultants who work in near by places come visit and give insight on real time examples and take short lecture on how to prepare for interviews.

CEO and Manager, they both are very friendly and they support you in every way and make sure your stay is comfortable.
But they also make sure that you complete your training in reasonable time and get your job. They do put every effort in pushing the limits so as to make sure you are hitting the market on right time. It does look like lot of pressure. Believe me everyone who went through this said one thing in the last... "ITS GOOD THAT THEY PUSH OUR LIMITS ALL THE TIME" I'm happy now working. I do say this.

- My review - - - 8/1/2015 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Good company overall. Good pay, the are good with training and marketing also.

- Good for long term - - - 8/1/2015 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I have been a employee for 5 years its a good one for long term prospects

you get what you need , you have to voice your concerns and it will be heard.

i would recommend..

- Hadoop - - - 8/1/2015 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I joined Renee 1.5 years ago and they placed me within 1 week.
I am being payed on time and there is absolutely no issues with the company.
Everting is very professional.
5 stars from me.

- Java Develoer - - - 8/1/2015 - flag as inappropriate - comment

Pros – The people working in this company is very reliable and open to help with any issue or answer any questions.

The benefits are good and perks reasonable.

Cons – The bigger the get the strong can become, I haven't experience any cons until now.
Need more Vacation time to be consider as benefit.

Keep the hard work, I believe we are humans and we need humans as management, no micro-management and keep always the communication crystal clear.

- Excellent Employer - - - 8/1/2015 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I came to know about this employer few months back. This company is one of the best consulting companies with Ethics
and well behaved Employer. The Employer is having an excellent knowledge on H1B visas, Greencard processing, and a very good company to start with.

- Business Analyst - - - 8/1/2015 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Working with Renee Systems has been a satisfying experience which has been the by product of friendly management, experience & dedicated staff and an excellent network of client connections all over the country. The benefits are attractive & the immigration department is knowledgeable. I am glad I made an important decision which has certainly helped my career prospective blossom. If you are looking for challenging avenues and better career vistas, Renee Systems is the correct place to start

- Business Systems Analyst - - - 8/1/2015 - flag as inappropriate - comment
My experience with Renee Systems have been fantastic in this less then a year journey.

1. Transparent
2. Excellent immigration assistance.
3. Willing to go extra mile to help you.
4. Salary on time and always unlike many other companies.
5. Very effective and aggressive placement cell. At one point 4 different people were working to get me a placement.
6. Placements in fortune 500 companies.
7. Everyone in Renee Systems are very courteous and helpful.

I was very skeptical moving from my another job of 8 years to Renee Systems, but they made the transition smooth and successful and worked very hard to meet all there commitments to me.

Till now I have not faced any issues with them. Always found them willing to work together and resolve.

- .Net developer - - - 8/1/2015 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Hi Guys,

I have been with this consultancy for almost 6 to 7 months now and I am very satisfied with what they do. I have 7 years experience in .NET and SharePoint and I
got a job in May 2010. It is very hard once you get into the company especially if you are very new to development and
stuffs as me. Otherwise the people are very kind in the consultancy and very helpful. I would recommend this consultancy
to other people. You get your salary and questions answered promptly.

- Sr. Business Analyst - - - 8/1/2015 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Great young team, Great with immigration assistance, Salary is always on time. Transparent and very effective / aggressive placement process. Support you throughout your journey

- Project Manager - - Duttha - 8/1/2015 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I am very happy to be a part of this company. Progressing my career from a senior systems analyst to a project manager was a very needed escalation. I have been placed in a fortune 500 banking company and I am satisfied with what I am doing at the moment. They pay on time and train you good. I spent a good amount of time in searching for a company with a good network of clients for landing myself in a well established company and I was successful in doing that.
I wish the new comers good luck in what you are doing. I recommend this place for anyone starting fresh or with experience.

- Wonderful experience and friendly employer - - - 8/1/2015 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I have been working at Renee Systems for about 1 year.

Pros –
1.) Good in transfer H1B
2.) Having good attorney.
3.) Good in processing Green Card.
4.) Good while resolving issues (very unlikely)
5.) On time salary credited in bank.
6.) Career growth.
7.) Job security (They have lot of Clients across the USA).
8.) Friendly peoples are working with helping hands.

- Good company - - - 8/1/2015 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I have referred 2 friends and they are happy with company.
For last 2 years they are with same client.

They referred few cousins to join.

Freshers have to work hard to learn subject.

- Very good package - - kush1 - 8/1/2015 - flag as inappropriate - comment
This consulting company offered me excellent package with benefits which i am not getting from my previous employer. less bench period and excellent placing.
Got good billing rate from client. i really suggest this company for good benefit package. excellent business culture prompt payroll.

- Decent Pay & Great Management - - - 8/1/2015 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Great energy, growing business, by far the best people. Most of all I can honestly say that this is the first consulting company where I feel "in control" of my destiny without being asked to sell out. I feel that leadership wants consultants to carve their own path, make their own game. So far so good experience. They really pay decent amount of money. Nothing to complaint in last 8 years.

- Java Developer - - - 8/1/2015 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I had excellent experience working with this company, Switched my job from a Big 4 organization to this small company but my decision was absolutely correct! They were very co-operative and professional throughout my employment with them, Now I'm blessed with GC and got some federal project.

- Developer - - - 8/1/2015 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I joined Renee Systems 2+ years ago when someone from India recommended this company, being female I had lot of fear going to New country specially with Desi Companies...but I took decision to join them and I'm very-2 happy on my decision. Once they hire someone they do every effort to place that person and on top of that their processes are very well managed and refined. I was totally on them till the time first project confirmed , they took care of all monthly expenses, Interview arrangement or I would say everything I can think of.

I'm continuously recommending lot of my friend to join them. In One year My PERM was filed and also I got deployed at their direct client and now getting decent salary.

Many thanks to them, specially taking care of Girl with Indian values in different country.

- Java Develoer - - Summith - 8/1/2015 - flag as inappropriate - comment

I hope you're doing your search for a good consultant to kick start or give a boost to your career. A year ago I was in a similar state of mind where I was scouting for consultants here in the east coast to help train me and give me a good push into the IT sector. I found Renee Systems to be an ideal place helping anyone with any background create a strong foundation or help enhance anyone's skills and knowledge that is needed for the IT world at the moment.
The recruiting process is quick and you will be asked to stay at the guest house they have in New Jersey.
The training method is through online training classes and in house mentoring as well. The training regime is tedious and requires a lot of hardwork and lots of effort. If you really want to make it big here, you have to work hard. The marketing team is good and the calls generated per day are decent. I recommend anyone from a developer background wanting to pursue a career in Java/ Hadoop/ Big Data/ Casandra to choose this place. Good luck!

- Top Notch Training - - - 8/1/2015 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Top notch Training. Very positive in taking care of employee needs. Work with personal supervision.Renee Systems will make you to learn your self rather than giving training so that when you get in to a project you can work with out any others help.The Very positive thing which made me to like "Renee" a lot is about proxy's. They simply say "NO" if you ask for Proxy interview. Their training will be in such a way that your self confidence will be improved and you will be in a position to do your project with self confidence after your training.
On the other hand,they have a strong marketing team which is a big asset to Renee. They will give you end less calls until you get a project.The only thing which you have to do from your side is studying 8 hours for a day which is really pain full thing but once you get a project you will forget all the hard work and will start enjoying your project.

- Business Analyst - - - 8/1/2015 - flag as inappropriate - comment
By far the best consultancy ever before I came here, been to few other places they promise you lot of things but don't deliver anything and I wasted my valuable time being to those places.

Training in Renee is what makes the difference, from day one they make sure you study and the support you get from mentors is amazing, they monitor you by taking presentations, assignments, and in the guest house also you have presentations and Director of the company is the best, he constantly monitors everyone's progress.

Marketing team they are the best and they never let you down

Guest House I will always miss it had great time and the management is excellent.

And last thing read some bad reviews I personally feel there is no sense in what they wrote and I request be honest in what you wrote or writing.

If you want to work hard and get a job this is the place

- Best place to start a BA career - - - 8/1/2015 - flag as inappropriate - comment

Hi, firstly I'd like to thank Renee systems for all their support and training. I see now after getting into my job how all that rigorous training really pays off.

When I was in the process of searching for consultancies that provided BA training one name that kept coming up was Renee Systems and so I decided to give this a try.I contacted their company. I was really impressed with how professional they were when it came to selecting someone to be a part of their company.

Once in, the training in rigrous with lots of study materials and videos to gain knowledge from. The atmosphere of the guest house is friendly with people from all nationalities and a great place to meet new people. The training covers everything that a BA should know from scratch and is taught in a way that anyone can comprehend.

Along with the training they help greatly in crafting a sting resume with is, I feel essential.

The marketing team that Renee has is top notch. They have strong ties with some of the best and big IT clients in the market both state and private. With good communication skills, a neat strong resume and good knowledge, the interview process shouldn't take more than 3 weeks to get a job.

Once on the project, pay slips are all on time never missing a day. Overall I'm having an ideal experience with this organization and would highly recommended this place to anyone looking for a job in IT.

- Hard work but worth the effort......... - - - 8/1/2015 - flag as inappropriate - comment

1) Training is inline with the most current industry standards.
2) The best MARKETING TEAM you can ask for. ( Atleast 25 calls a day)
3) Exposure to tools used in real world scenarios.
4) Will file for you visa if the need be.


1) The training facility AKA the guest house can get a little crowded.
2) High expectation when it comes to self studies.
3) Rigorous training program which does seem a little overwhelming.

Between the pros and cons I would say that the Pros far outweigh the cons. This company gives you an instant boost ion your career.

- BA at a top notch Investment Bank - - - 8/1/2015 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Having been through 3 consultancies I can say that RENEE SYSTEMS is definitely amongst the best in the industry. It all boils down to the very strong marketing team they have. And when I say strong I mean a dedicated team of individuals whose sole purpose is to find you a job that matches your skill sets.

I went through a rigorous 3 week training program. Once I met the lofty standards set by the upper management I was marketed and got a job in 4 days flat. I repeat in 4 days. Anyone who intends on making a substantial career in It should associate themselves with this particular company.

- Employee - - - 8/1/2015 - flag as inappropriate - comment
One of the best decisions I made to come to Renee systems and read some reviews which I think they posted taking personal agenda.

First thing about the environment its friendly and they take care of everything and make you feel like part of family.

About training been to other consultancies and Renee training structure is by far the best in the industry not only for experienced people but also who want to start from scratch. One is constantly monitored where they stand and they make sure you are up to the mark.

excellent marketing team in the industry and very helpful

And should mention about director he takes care of everything very friendly and easy to approach and very knowledgeable.

And one last thing if any one wants to relax and take it easy this is not the place as the training can get intense, but its geared towards quick learning

- Ideal launching pad for a career in IT - - Satisfied Employee - 8/1/2015 - flag as inappropriate - comment
The journey from my home country to this place has taken me through a lot of ups and downs. The stress of tuition, sleep deprivation courtesy classes, crossroads in life where one is not sure of the career path they would like. Through all this I would say the smartest decision I have made is to come to Renee Systems. Post graduation every employer told me one of two things. Either I did not have enough work experience of was not a citizen to be employed.I landed up at Renee systems through a personal reference. I was under the impression that being a consultancy life would be easy and I would get a job magically. I had to earn my job here as the training is intense. Not only will you get employed at a fancy place here but you will garner skill sets that will hold you in good stead over the course of your career. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this place to anyone who is looking to make a career in the IT field.

- Business Analyst - - Business Analyst - 7/29/2015 - flag as inappropriate - comment
First of all,I should say that I'm really taken aback(and upset) to find at least one or two bad reviews about the training offered by Renee Systems

AND the reason?

It's not true at all..!!!

Of course nothing comes impeccable in this world.But I can assure that the training offered here IS FAR SUPERIOR to the training offered by other similar companies.You really need to trust me on this.

Indeed the training comes with a caveat - It is rigorous .Hence people who are not ready to work hard,kindly stay away:)The amount of knowledge that you are going to amass at the end of this training with the aid of your mentor is simply a LOT.

The marketing was also really amazing.Thanks to the marketing team and their arduous efforts,I was fortunate enough to get a job in the first interview .Now I'm working for a reputed investment firm just like what I aspired for.

Hence if you are in the look out for a great job and a superior training program ,this is the best place for you..!!

- Business Analyst - - - 5/17/2015 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Great company. My personal experience has been excellent. The marketing team is hard working and focused. The training can get intense, but its geared towards quick learning. The org is very supporting and encouraging from day 1. This company will provide you the best platform to obtain opportunities.
I am glad I joined this org.

- Cassandra Developer - - - 4/18/2015 - flag as inappropriate - comment
An amazing Company to Work with for beginner and experienced.
They have a good Marketing team with good and helpful trainers.
The marketing team is highly dedicated and market your resume aggressively .

- Great company to enhance your career - - - 3/20/2015 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Great company to join both if you're beginning your career or are experienced. Great training and marketing.

- IT Engineering - - - 2/28/2015 - flag as inappropriate - comment
The work culture is amazing
The marketing team is highly dedicated towards marketing your resume.
the hadoop training is really nice, and all the students and teachers are very helpful.

- Below Average Company - - - 1/5/2015 - flag as inappropriate - comment
This is a below average company. Poor training, and possibly the worst marketing. Bad billing rate too. No positives to mention. Been with this copany for 6 months, and I wish I had made a wiser decision and joined some place else. Stay away if yo want to save your time.
      - 1/8/2015 - Hello, I have just seen your review about the company and this has really scared me! I have been looking for a job for the past 7 months without any success so far and I have finally decided to take the consultant route.

Do you know of any other consultant that you wish you could have joined? Will really appreciate your response as I have very little time left on my OPT period. - flag

- Very bad - - - 12/28/2014 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Plain bad... Very bad. Poor marketing and even poorer training. Stay away from this company.

- Cassandra Develoepr - - - 11/22/2014 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Amazing work place with lot to learn and to interact with people who are passionate about their domain. Very good at maintaining standards and work ethics. Excellent administration, continuously coming up with strategies to grow up the company from all the segments.

- Hadoop Developer - - - 10/25/2014 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Excellent team of dedicated employees. They help you at each stage of the recruitment process and provide valuable tips and advice. Excellent training facilities.. Overall a great employer.

- worst - - - 5/19/2014 - flag as inappropriate - comment
dont go. its very bad and not friendly. they will dominate and will not value your opinion
     Avinash Reddy - 5/30/2014 - Excellent to go, Good in nature, Optimistic in obeying our Values - flag
      - 4/28/2015 - Review is very true... It's worst. Even consultant do not know how to communicte.. He is dominating. - flag

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