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324 Courtyard Drive Hillsborough, NJ 8844Alert: One LC denied or withdrawn!
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Rate and Review R3 Technology, Inc

- Nothing to say.. I just say that don't join - - XX - 5/31/2016 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I don't think any positive words for their business. I don't understand the positive reviews here, either. I just say that don't join there. You will waste your time and obtain nothing. You will only get your anger. Nothing organized and nothing to take care of. It seems that they are running the business for fun whatever people do. I strongly recommend to join if you really want to waste your time.

- Excellent company and amazing CEO - - Amey - 1/21/2016 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I was one of the first few employees of R3Tek and have known Venkat for a long time, The thing that I value the most during my tenure with R3 was the experience I had with Venkat. He was just starting off and the amount of dedication and efforts that he had put in, is really commendable. People before profit is something Venkat always followed. He was always there for me whenever needed and worked through all the difference and difficulties.
I would highly recommend R3 to anyone who is willing to change employers.
Really happy for the team at R3 and especially Venkat for the growth that R3 has seen
Godspeed ahead !

- Thanks
Amey D

- Senior ETL developer - - - 8/2/2015 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I was working with R3 Tek for almost one and half years and they were always been punctual in terms of giving salary which was the most important part.
My client delayed in payment for almost 5 months but it didn't impact me because I was getting my salary every month from r3 Tek ON TIME.

Very few consulting companies build such type of relationship with their employees and no doubt R3 technology is one of them.

They have filed my h1 b visa transfer and which was not that easy and my case was a bit complicated one.
But kudos to the immigration team ,I got my visa approval for 3 years.

I would definitely join back R3 Tek whenever I am back to contracting/consulting mode in future.
     Mamata.mahapatra - 8/2/2015 - Forgot to mention ...Sandhya and Venkat are great to work with. - flag

- Great company, great employees - - A Yen - 6/16/2015 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Great company culture. Lots of job growth opportunities and competitive pay. Outstanding colleagues, you get to work with very smart and nice people. You will be encouraged to learn and perform at highest levels.

- How good is this company ? - - - 1/17/2014 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Want to know how good is this company , how they are good sponsoring H1B ?
     karthik - 1/17/2014 - Any one help ? Same with me !! - flag
     leela - 2/4/2015 - Hi
Did you apply through this company?
how much they charged?
are they reliable.
Please reply me.....

How about pay and did they find you any project?

Thanks - flag

- NO WORDS TO SAY - - Venkat - 7/25/2013 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Horrible company, see the date stamp all the Reviews that posted. Rest you can understand.

- Excellent People - - Nikhil Khuntia - 7/8/2013 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I must say R3 Tek is an excellent company. It dealt very carefully with my Visa transfer formalities, as my case was a bit different and complicated as well. Kudos to the whole team. Company's CEO, Venkat Pasula, is an awesome person. A confident person by word and truthful by nature. He is a very convincing guy, who knows immigration processes in depth.
This company has kept all the promises it made to me.
Thanks again!!!
     leela - 2/4/2015 - how much they charged?
do they apply for indian candidates??????
plsssss reply - flag

- Great Company and Great CEO - - Sandeep Devaki - 2/20/2013 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I joined this company last year and I was referred by a friend. The very first time I met Venkat, the CEO of R3 Technology I felt like I made the right decision. Particularly comparing to my previous employer who was a blood sucker, Venkat is no way matched to him. Only thing he cares is the hard work you put for your career. This is the industry where money is considered as the main thing. But Venkat never really cares about money. I got my pay till date ON TIME. I joined my first project in the middle of a month and I worked only 10 days till the end of that month. I thought it would take 45 more days to get my pay as other companies do. But, to my surprise I was paid for the 10 days right away when they run their payroll for their other employees. Even, I started here on Salary basis and in the middle of my contract I asked Venkat to move me to percentage. He did not say a word and just said OK. I could see so many good things about this company because I have experienced the worst consulting firms ever. R3 TEK is way far better than any consulting firm I ever know. This is purely my personal opinion and I am thankful to my friend who referred me here.

- One of the better companies to work with - - Yatish - 2/13/2013 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I worked in consulting in USA for long time. In my experience, R3 Technology is easily one of the better companies(if not the best) to work with. I have worked with and seen consulting companies that are worst, and heard horrifying stories from my other consulting friends about their employers. So, i know how consulting companies work. For me, during my consulting phase, R3 Technology is the best one i worked for. All 4+ years, I have no problems with my payments etc. In fact, Once i got loan from R3 Technology which was deducted later from my pay checks.

- Good company, good people - - KD - 2/11/2013 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I worked with R3 Technologies for a few years and my experience with them was nothing short of amazing. I think it's the people, specially the management, that make the company and they have some amazing people for them. They handle all the employee issues like immigration, stamping very professionally and that was a major concern at that point in time for me. They also have great some great clients and working and that always helped me to find new projects.

- R3 Technology - Excellent Company to Work For - - Dhimant - 2/6/2013 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I am working with R3Tek from long time. One of my friends who worked with R3Tek previously referred me for this company. I have excellent experience with R3Tek and especially with Venkat. It is very easy to work with Venkat Pasula (CEO, R3 Technology) as he is very straight forward person. If he commits something, he always deliver/provide on time and he never misses time line. He takes care of immigration matters very well. I strongly recommend Venkat Pasula and R3 Technology as one of the best employer in the united states.

- Its was nice working with R3 tek - - Sudheer - 2/5/2013 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I started working with R3 tek an year ago and until now I don't have any problems with them. the best part about r3 tek is that someone is always there to give a response to all questions you have. They are ready to negotiate about any pay related issues and also they take care about any issues they have with prime vendors or clients regarding pay and we will get our pay on time. I think that is the most important part when you choose any company to work with.

Just to add to about H1 visa processing and handling any kind of query's regarding visa processing, they are experienced and also ready to give response.

- Best company to work for...specially if you are on H1 visa - - Vaishal Bhow - 2/4/2013 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I was first employee of R3 technologies and hsve worked with Venkat and R3 for many years. I have had an excellent experience with Venkat Pasula and R3 technology. Although, I never needed H1 visa for myself but I referred 3 of my friends to this company who were needing either H1 sponsorship or transfer. All my friend thanked me for referring to Venkat and R3. R3 will always treats all employees as a family, and makes sure no one has to suffer for any reason. Overall, its an excellent company to work for.

- R3 Technology - Excellent Company - - Shruti Patel - 2/4/2013 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I worked with R3 for almost 3yrs and overall it was a satisfactory experience. I never came across any issues during that period. They always delivered paychecks on time, perfect in keeping up to date employees documentation and have good marketing team too. Overall its an excellent company to work with.

- Excellent Company - - Nishay Shah - 2/4/2013 - flag as inappropriate - comment
My experience was extremely pleasant. All the members were co-operating ,on time pay roll and there was always clear communicaton between CEO and employees.They have an excellent attorney as well !

- Excellent Company to work with - - Aashay Shah - 2/4/2013 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I did work with R3 Technology Inc. for 5+ years and hardly face any major issues. R3 has one of the best immigration lawyer process to handle all the immigration issues and was really impressed the way they do all the filings. The process is very transparent at R3 and compare with other employers there is not any hidden conditions.
     Kashyap T - 2/4/2013 - I have worked with R3 and personally with Venkat from the very beginning of the company. Venkat is one of a very few employer you will come across who doesn't treat you like employee but family members of R3 unlike other employers with same business model. equally he is professional in his dealings, whether it is with employees or with third party contractors or with end client companies. He makes sure all the time that none of the employees suffer for any reason, may it be due to compensation, immigration or anything else. Sometimes he suffers himself and takes shot but try to go extra miles. I can say this because I have seen some live examples and have experienced myself too. Even if there were any issues or conflicts Venkat was always on top of it and came up with solutions which will be win-win to all the parties. I am really surprised by some negative comments made here but I am live example who is working with this company since its inception and still with it. - flag

- Worst company to join - - Vinod - 1/8/2013 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Venkat the so called owner just convinced me to join by saying all bogus promise.Nothing got fill filed.I need to beg everytime for my payment.don't even think about joining this place
      - 1/18/2013 - Thanks for your comments. That helps!! - flag
     Venkat - 1/27/2013 - This is Venkat from R3 Technology, we verified past 7 years of records and did not find a person named Vinod. If you have real issue, please post with your credentials or contact us directly so we can help you. We have also reported this as in appropriate message for the corrective actions.

Thanks, Venkat - flag

- One of the worst body shopping company to be associate with - - kiran reddy - 9/19/2012 - flag as inappropriate - comment
i was trapped to join this shit company by bogus promises.They do not have proper marketing team or any to train properly.They did not payed me on time and i need to beg them for my pay.
please don't join and get into problem
      - 11/4/2012 - One of the worst marketing..nothing good about this company..please dont get trapped.. - flag
     Venkat - 1/27/2013 - This is Venkat from R3 Technology, we verified past 7 years of records and did not find a person named Kiran. If you have real issue, please post with your credentials or contact us directly so we can help you. We have also reported this as in appropriate message for the corrective actions.

Thanks, Venkat - flag

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