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11535 Parkwoods Circle Alpharetta, GA 30005Alert: 5 LCs denied or withdrawn!
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- Great Company & management to work with - - - 5/4/2021 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Been working with TEKGROUP for a while now and this is one of the best companies I have ever worked so far. Also in my experience compared to any other companies I worked in the past, TEKGROUP stands tall in Transparency, honest, reliable & excellent paper work
and can handle immigration stuff seamlessly. I strongly recommend TEKGROUP to all of you, hope this will help.

"If TEKGROUP promises you something - it will be delivered at any cost"

All the very best for all of you.
      - 5/4/2021 - 1.Payments are on time
2.Sponsor's H1B
3.Files GC if you are eligible - flag

- Good company to work with - - Srinivas - 10/16/2019 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I've been associated with TekGroup LLC since 2 years. I found an industrial training program here on Java based technologies where a fresher can gain knowledge. Management is very helpful and we can reach them anytime with any questions, they're ready to help us in all possible ways. There'll be no delay in payments, receiving my salary every month on time. Company provides experienced marketing team to guide us about the job opportunities. They offer the H1B sponsorship and also provides GC processing. Also provides well experienced lawyers for Visa filing, transfers, amendments etc who provides support in documentation.

- Best consulting company - - Rashmita - 10/16/2019 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I have joined TekGroup LLC recently and the experience has been so far very positive. My visa extension was not filed by some Indian IT company.I approached TekGroup LLC and they did fantastic job in getting my visa transfer approved.
TekGroup LLC have very professional, transparent and a great immigration and recruiting team.

Whatever the promises they given us while joining, they will fulfill without any delays.I will gladly recommend Tek Group LLC services to any of my friends who ever need. Thank you once again for your all help.

- Great company to start your career with - - Vikas - 10/16/2019 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I have been working at Tekgroup LLC full-time from past 4 years.

If you are looking for career in JAVA/J2EE, Dev ops, Oracle DB or any other IT related technologies, then you are at the right place and in safe hands.

The people here are what make it great. It feels like everybody that works here believes in what the company wants to achieve and is helping to make that happen. You feel like you're part of something that is making a difference.

You are encouraged to try things and come up with suggestions on how to get to where we're going. There's a big focus now on helping our clients get what they want from working with us and it's great to see how focusing on them is helping direct the company.

We are using both the web and people to help companies get recognition and improve and the mix allows me to get experience and develop in areas that I didn't expect when I joined.

I genuinely believe I can make a difference here and feel supported to do so. I'm proud to be part of what we are becoming.

Tekgroup LLC has a vigorous training sessions for the freshmen and they will become professionals after the training period.

It's unfortunate that some people didn't find what they were looking for in Tekgroup LLC and had a bad experience, but I guess that can happen anywhere. Being here I can safely say that I'm not one of them. I am enjoying my time here. Work is fun and fulfilling, and I'd encourage anybody that is curious to come and see for themselves. I'm glad I did.

Coming to their H1-B program, they have very good professional and knowledgeable employees and attorneys and are very responsive at any point of time.

- They don't call back - - - 9/11/2019 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Called me with a job opportunity and left a message.
Called them back, the guy told me he is in a meeting and will call be back. Never did.
Called again the next day, guess what, he is in a meeting again and promised to call back. Never did....

- Great company to work for - - Mounika - 6/27/2019 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I started working here an year ago and I really like the office and the people within it. There’s certainly a great company culture, it is a great place to work. They care about helping people and definitely treating their employees right. It is an excellent work place and providing very competitive environment. The training is very effective with career development benefits. Great culture with the ability to make an impact on the employee’s growth and helps candidates find jobs at great companies. The company genuinely cares about it’s employees, it is a great group of people that you work with everyday and all are looking to help you accomplish your goals. The company has a very collaborative environment, which ultimately leads to a motivated group of employees striving towards the same goal. It’s definitely a place where you learn, grow and enhance your expertise. Overall a good company to start your career.

- Great company to work for! - - srujana - 6/26/2019 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I have been working at TEKGROUP for more than a year.Great company to work for!! Positive work environment where people feel valued and appreciated.Different projects and industry clients mean you get a varied experience across the board. I really appreciate and thank you so much for all of the opportunities this company has provided me.It is helping me to grow technically, professionally as well as personally. TEKGROUP is just filled with lots of opportunities at every level of career. Awesome people to work with, always ready to help, encourage and support.

- Great company which cares for its employees - - Sravani - 6/6/2019 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Hello, I am with Tekgroup LLC from the past 1.5 years and they are good in every aspect.
The people are honest, transparent, friendly and very positive. Their recruiting and immigration team are well experienced and knowledgeable. They’ve helped me transitioned for an opportunity with a great client. It's clearly seen that this firm main motto is to place their consultants in the job ASAP and solve all the visa related concerns. The most important is they pay salaries on time and I used to get fast response for my queries from company employees. We discussed our percentage and things look good for a long stay.

Over All Its's Great!

- Programmer Analyst - Great Company to work for!! - - Siva Datla - 10/14/2018 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I have been working with TekGroup USA from last 2 and Half years and I have never felt that it was employee employer relationship but equal partner relationship in the endeavor to provide very best technical services to our clients and the commitment to do so at all costs. I always had the freedom to choose my projects and I thank TekGroup for giving me that freedom. TekGroup team - Accounting, HR, Legal and Marketing have been very professional, pro-active and approachable till date. I thank TekGroup for all the encouragement and recognition. Best of all TekGroup pays well on time.

- Wonderful work environment with Tekgroup - - Shailaja - 10/8/2018 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I have joined this company 2 years ago and the way they treat their consultants is unarguably the best that I have known. Talking about training, even I was trained by Surya. He is the trainer who thinks like a student while explaining a topic, gives explanation of new concepts, makes you understand the very basic stuff we get confused off and you can gain practical knowledge on the topics. You should not completely depend upon the trainer to teach you every thing, "hard-work" is what they expect so, can't blame the trainer for that. You should also know that he can not spend all the time with you. There is not even a single thing you can point at that will make you uncomfortable. I don't think review really matter when you trust some thing, all the consultants with "Tekgroup" know that.

- Reliable and Excellent Employer - - Deepthi - 10/8/2018 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I have been associated with Tekgroup over 2 years and they are very professional and offer excellent consulting services. They have good client and projects pipeline and offer plenty of opportunities for career growth. For a fresher, Tekgroup offers great learning resources.

Also, the management at Tekgroup is very professional and are prompt with paychecks. Tekgroup is very precise on paperwork and they handhold the employees through the process of H1 application.

Overall, Tekgroup is a great employer to work with and advance in the career!!!

- Great Employer to work - - Divya - 10/4/2018 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I am an employee working with TekGroup LLC for past 2 years. I take great pleasure to associate myself with TekGroup. I could feel management and its core team have best policies driving company's its mission and vision. I would suggest to go ahead and grab the opportunity if you get any chance to associate with this organization.

- Good company that will guide you to success - - manu - 10/4/2018 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Tek Group LLC is one of the best companies I have come across. Not only the best in placing people and guiding path to success, but this company will also give you the immense knowledge that will make you successful anywhere. They provide excellent facilities. while you were focusing on getting knowledge, they will take care of rest for you. Overall a good company to start your career.

- Great company to nurturing your career - - Dhiru - 10/1/2018 - flag as inappropriate - comment
This is one of the best company to build your career. I have started my career here as mid level java developer, Tekgroup gave me good training and placed me with in very short period of time. I was really pleased with the services and opportunities provided by them. I have also recommended my brother to join them. He joined TekGroup and he is doing great as well. I’m thankful to Tekgroup team specially Surya Sir, Sravanthi ma’am and Goutham sir. Marketing is real good and I promise it’s 100% worth joining Tekgroup.

- Best consultancy to start your career in java - - Ujwala - 9/30/2018 - flag as inappropriate - comment
A company that puts the onus on quality over quantity and shows a real desire to help the people who work there to become exceptional at what they do.
A Management, who genuinely want people to be happy and successful at Search and are willing to help them to achieve those objectives by investing considerable time, money and resources in their initial training and ongoing development.
A positive coaching culture and people with lots of experience who act as mentors and positive role models for less experienced colleagues.
Great career prospects for those people who want to lead and grow successfully.

- Great company to work - - harish - 9/30/2018 - flag as inappropriate - comment
They have good vendor’s relationship. So there will be contracts available all the time. If necessary or if you want to catch up with the current industry flow, they provide excellent training. Especially on the latest technology stack mainly in Java (all the new components of spring - spring boot, spring integration, spring batch, Kafka, hystrix, h2db, and cache frameworks.... etc). UI side they will provide training and resources on AngularJs, Bootstarp. They even give you real practical training on some use real cases, if one can put some interest and serious about learning the stuff, he or she can get a full knowledge. They assist and encourage if you are willing to get some certifications like AWS. For these reasons, I highly recommend them.

- Perfect for software developer - - Manoj_Kunapa - 9/26/2018 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I strongly recommend for anyone graduating from college with a masters degree and looking for a good Employer. They specializes his consultants in the IT fields they interested. I had lot of doubts as this was referred by a friend and dint know anyone here but turned out to be a better choice. They will pay at time, take care of things in time and support consultants in every obstacles at any time.

Everywhere we will have some thing but those are ignorable

- Best consultancy for JavaDevelopers - - Venkata Pramodh - 9/24/2018 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I can give you a words, saying that “Tekgroup LLC is one of the top and best consultancy for Java Developers”. They provide very intense training with peactical knowledge on every concept. You can advence you skill set under Tekgroup LLC training period. They are very promising towards each and every consultant in all aspects. Dont miss the opportunity to work with Tekgroup LLC.

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