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The Devereux Foundation visa:1221 rank:145
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60 Miles Road Rutland, MA 1543Alert: 9 LCs denied or withdrawn!
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The information contained in this section must be that of employees of The Devereux Foundation who are authorized to act on behalf of The Devereux Foundation in labor certification matters.  They cannot be agents or attorneys, unless they are direct employees of the employer. They might not be the Human Resources professionals responsible for hiring or screening resumes.

LCA for H1B Visa Jobs(Edit or Claim Contact List)
1Arthur Robertssign in to view40 Devereux Way Red Hook, NY18545946xxxx xxxx
2David Tivnansign in to view60 Miles Road Rutland, MA15085564xxxx xxxx
3Michele Pricesign in to view1515 Burnt Mill Road Morganville, NJ17327865xxxx xxxx
4Richard Latellasign in to view390 E. Boot Road West Chester, PA16104318xxxx xxxx
5Michelle Llorenssign in to view5850 T.G. Lee Blvd. Viera, FL+1321775xxxx xxxx
6Veronica Arenas-Sotosign in to view6980 Falberg Way Goleta, CA18058790xxxx xxxx

LC for Green Card Jobs (Edit or Claim Contact List)
1David Tivnan60 Miles Road Rutland, Massachusetts508886-4 xxxxxxxx
2Richard Latella600 East Boot Road Downingtown, PENNSYLVANIAn.a.xxxx
3Robert Simon2012 Renaissance Blvd King Of Prussia, Pennsylvania610542-3 xxxxxxxx
4Patrick Girdner655 Sugartown Road Malvern, PENNSYLVANIA484 595 xxxxxxxx

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