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2300 Lakeview Parkway Alpharetta, GA 30009All LCs were approved since 2020!
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Rate and Review Tupoin, Inc.

- Lead Java Developer - - Kumar N - 10/28/2022 - flag as inappropriate - comment
My experience has been good with Tupoin. They were very supportive throughout the hiring process. They were the one who motivated me to learn new skills and were able to get me a role after me having a break in my work career. Thank you Tupoin!

- Sr Network Engineer - - Teja - 10/19/2022 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Initially I wasn’t sure to join Tupoin but since I didn’t have a job I didn’t have any other option. But after working with them I changed my mind. Experiences depend on the situations but my experience with Tupoin is really good. Tupoin Inc has good client where they easily close the jobs. Good team that support and encourages. Smooth onboarding. Very knowledgeable in handling complex immigration scenarios with good legal team. Top managers are also humble to listen and resolve doubts if any. Good transparency in the company. Very satisfied overall. At the end it’s Karma, You get what you do!

- Shady Unethical Company - - Siddarth Jakkula - 10/6/2020 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I have worked with Tupoin for a client as Network Engineer for 2 years.
They have not filed for H1 and would always divert the topic when sponsorship came.
They are not transparent on the pay rates and would always provide false emails telling that it was true.
No pay raise, sponsorship will be provided.
Do not join this company no matter how much they tempt you (as every consulting company does.
The positive reviews are given by the marketing team. Please see their reviews on Indeed and Glassdoor also before joining.
Waste of 2 years working for this company.

- Highly Professional & Honest - - Abhimanyu Patil - 3/16/2020 - flag as inappropriate - comment
My experience with Tupoin Inc has been amazing. I start with Tupoin Inc as an H1 transfer candidate and they got me a project. At first I got a call from the recruiter for the position which I thought is normal as I get many calls and ignore most of them, but this time I thought of testing them. The guy who was talking to me was informative but seemed a little unrealistic as he said he was sure he would get me this position as he has direct relationship with the client. Honestly today I and working on their project and I never realized when I got confirmed and joined as they make the transition process very easy and smooth. I have no complains by far and wish the team all the luck. I happily refer them my connections as they deserve it.

- Highly recommend this company - - Ankur Gosh - 8/30/2019 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I have been working with Tupoin since a long time. This company has the best team of people who have been very helpful and kind till date. They have one of the best immigration teams. They have a very high H1 approval rating. Till date couple of my friends and juniors have joined this company and they thank me for my recommendation. Keep up the good work!

- Fake Company - - - 6/1/2019 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Please do not join this company.
They do not actually file for H1Bs.
They got their E-verification number by being registered as a sister company to a main one.
This company is not registered to do business under the Georgia state rules.
This company, along with Enthsquare and Presource Tek LLC work the same way. Please search for them and you come up with the same people in the board. An account team member of presource tek (India), is also a member of Enthsquare and is in DC.
It is a body shop company.
Me and a few of my friends were denied payments from this company and the situation is that it cannot be brought up in a court due to lack of evidence.
As a fellow student, I really advise you to DO NOT join this company.
What they done to me:
They have taken the timesheets, but have not paid me. They do not run the payroll under their name, and as a result, the consultants/employees cannot then directly. They deny that the employee was a part of their payroll and counter argue stating that the offer letter was faked and they have not agreed to take you on as an employee.
Since the payroll is from other company, it basically states that your W-2 is with one company,but you have reported a different employer to USCIS.
A few of my friends have experienced the same thing with them.
They market the consultant through a different company. The marketing team and the accounting team have left the company due to harassment from the manager.
This company has a guest house in atlanta, and the manipulative SOB comes there on a weekly basis. He is very manipulative and good at diverting the topic.
Run away from this company and do not join it ever.
Take it from a student who has faced this issue with them.

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Employer: Tupoin
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