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7041 Koll Center Parkway Pleasanton, CA 94566Alert: One LC denied or withdrawn!
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- Successfully completed 5+ years - - Srinivas M - 11/28/2019 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I am Srinivas ( and have been working with VentureSoftGlobal (VST) from a long time (5+ years). VST brought me to US by sponsoring H1B.

They always encourage me to learn new technologies, sponsor my Certifications and find the best opportunities. I never needed to worry about my immigration, pay, job opportunities as it is always transparent and one of the best in market.

The medical and other benefits, technical opportunities, financial stability provided me a stable environment which is practically difficult for most of the Non-immigrants in US.

I am very fortunate to have an Employer who works and helps beyond economics. The management is available for me with single email/call.

I would be really thankful to VST. Looking forward to continue my journey with VST forever..

- Part1: TWO Decades Employee - Still thriving for a long future - Employer beyond Economics and $$ - - Sree - 11/7/2019 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Review Part 1: (there is a 2000 words limit on each review post, thus splitting it).

First of all, please make a note of my name (not a fake name): Sree and My email ID to contact :

This is my 20th year with this company. Yes, it has been two decades, non stop. Still a lot to go.

Started as a small Engineer scaled up in the company and in the industry.
Pros: This posting is not enough to list.
Cons: Still trying to find one by failing on and on. (Owner: Please show me a reason to hate you one day).
Payments(Salary, benefits etc): Never failed to get what I deserve (at times more than what I deserve also).
Immigration: I dont think I would become a Citizen of US if another employer runs into the laundry list of my immigration issues due to my past employer(not VSG). Company shelled of a lots of nights of effort, money, legal services to fix my SUPER COMPLEX immigration issues and keeping me on a safe side as of today.
Now coming to non-money part: The Employer-Economics: As I have referred above, I am paid beyond what deserve.
VSG has been taking care of me, my family for the past two decades. For this to get(from any company), as an employee, we should have the right qualification, skill, patience, zeal to work hard. I guess I did have enough patience and rest're paid off.
My first impression was caught when I visited for the Christmas Holiday family wide company get together in the year 2000, when this CEO pulled out a pair of warm socks for a parent of another employee, who was suffering from the cold evening. Just recognizing the people than the $$ and profit. That first impression never faded off and became more evidnt as my years of work/association with them.
The VP is a kind lady, who always try to be right and keep the things right.

Continued in the next post...

- THEY DO NOT PAY AS COMMITTED ON OFFER LETTER - - - 5/23/2018 - flag as inappropriate - comment
1) They dont have good & dedicated marketing team, consultant always find project by them selves and later they eat the % commission and gain the business.
2) They dont have any direct clients.
3) Vidya Bhat - She is the CEO's wife, HR, Payroll, Immigration, Travel in fact all the department's HEAD, and very sensitive & egoistic. She mostly think as CEO's wife rather than her actual designation. She lies a lot so don't trust. Never give regular updates on immigration, consultant has to follow up like anything.
4) Vidhya G - HR / Receptionist - Nice talking lady but dont answer your emails / phones and always concerns about your Timesheets.
5) Venkat Bhat - CEO - Talks like politician, white lies, don't give your immigration documents, even don't allow to talk with their attorney, he told me once "I became millionaire by earning from the consultants". Do not pay the salary as offered; Filed LCA with minimum wages aka 60K; Don't give you referral bonus; Take H1-B filing / amendment cost + attorney fees + Taxes etc from consultant salary; Don't en-cash your unused vacation hours; if you leave the company, take > 60 days to give your experience letters and forget about full & final dues $$$ unless you fight for that; Very short tempered specially when you ask your money;

I am going to file a complaint to USCIS / DOL as they charge for H1-B as well dont pay wages as committed.
      - 8/20/2018 - This was written when there were some disputes on full & final settlements [including payments & documentations], those are resolved. I have already requested to remove this review. - flag
      - 2/6/2019 - I thought, I moved on but venturesoft global did not cooperate on back ground checks & verifications so please make sure you have your all paystubs, offer & experience letters, W2s as they are not cooperative at all.

They did not send me my W2 also, I need to reachout ADP for that. - flag
      - 2/6/2019 - I had provided correct W4 but they did not deduct federal tax from my pay stubs? I do not understand, are they making savings on their taxes too? Any ways, I have to pay my federal taxes in Tax return but surely they must have got some benefits for not deducting federal taxes from my pay stubs. - flag

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