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DOL released confidential employer information for the first time

By Bill at August 21, 2019 16:59
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Information technology staffing and consulting companies are heavy users of the H-1B visa program, but the names of companies where they place those foreign workers have always been confidential.

Not any more!

The Labor Department, for the first time, has begun publishing the names of companies where H-1B holders are working, even if they're employed by another company that provides staffing or consulting services.

For example, we can learn from following LCA link that Deloitte Consulting LLP filed the Labor Condition Applicaiton(LCA), but the foreign workers actually would work at Apple's headquarter at Sunnyvale, CA(check Section F: Employment and Wage Information).

This information is very helpful to job seekers, especially foreign workers. While our technical team is analyzing the data, and adding summary to sponsor profile, you can search or browser our current H-1B database to find our the real employers by yourself.

Anyway, summer is almost over, it is time for you to update your career profile and pitch potential employers now!