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Myvisajobs launched cap exempt H1B visa and employer database!

By Bill at November 13, 2012 00:07
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USCIS announced in June 2012 that it had reached the annual H1B Visa cap and would only accept petitions exempt from the cap. Who qualify for cap exempt H1B Visa? How to find cap exempt employers? 

H1B cap exempt petitions include petitions filed by:
  1. Institutions of higher education
  2. Non-profit entities related or affiliated to a higher education institution
  3. Non-profit research organizations or governmental research organizations
Based on above criteria, recently launched its beta version of cap exempt H1B visa database. Please use following links to search cap exempt employers and H1B visa petitions. 

Please be aware that our algorithm is still in beta version and we do not guarantee the accuracy. Your feedback will be appreciated!

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