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New Visa Policy to Attract and Retain Foreign Workers and Entrepreneurs

By Bill at August 17, 2011 06:59
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New Visa Policy to Attract and Retain Foreign Workers and Entrepreneurs


We all know what happened on Wall Street and Capitol Hill. It was not a coincidence that USCIS released its new visa policy on August 2, the debt ceiling deadline. 

On the same day, USCIS director wrote on his blog that United States had a long, rich history of welcoming innovative entrepreneurs and skilled workers into the country. He said the new policies and efforts would make it easier for high-skill immigrants to start and grow companies and create jobs in the United States, thus fuel the nation’s economy and spur job growth. 

The administration’s comprehensive efforts to attract and retain high-skill entrepreneurs include

  • Foreign workers may file H1B Visa petitions for themselves through sole employee corporations.
  • Immigrant entrepreneurs may obtain green card through EB-2, the fast track employment based green card program.
  • Multinational executives and managers may use the Premium Processing Service to get immigration visa.
  • Significant enhancements to the USCIS Immigrant Investor Program(EB-5)

So you can now become your own visa sponsor for H1B Visa and Green Card. Please visit immigration blog and H1B Visa section for more information about the new policy and H1B Visa. 

The immigrants are not stealing jobs from American. They not only perform the duties the American cannot do or do not want to do, but also create more jobs and grow the economy. 

Without immigrants, United States stops!



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USCIS Memo on H1B Employee Relationship

USCIS Memo on H1B Employee Relationship

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