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Republican Immigration Reform Principals Widely Praised!

By Bill at February 01, 2014 19:20
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A Republican blueprint for immigration reform offers legalization for the nation's 11 million people who are in the country illegally, but no special pathway to citizenship, except in the cases of children brought to the country illegally by their parents, according to a draft of the plan obtained by Myvisajobs team. click here to the one page blueprint 

Immigration reform advocates generally said they were pleased and expressed encouragement. read more 

President Obama said on Friday that he is open to a middle-ground agreement with Republicans(no special path to citizenship), "There are still some differences. Obviously, the devil is in the details, but it is my firm belief that we can get immigration reform done this year."

The blueprint criticizes U.S. immigration system: "For far too long, the United States has emphasized extended family members and pure luck over employment-based immigration. This is inconsistent with nearly every other developed nation. ". 

It is also very friendly to business and foreign workers, "Visa and green card allocations need to reflect the needs of employers and the desire for these exceptional individuals to help to grow our economy." read one page plan

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