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Take actions in December to get job offers in spring

By Bill at December 09, 2015 02:26
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December hiring is at low levels in many industries. However, we still strongly encourage you take proactive actions now to apply for new jobs and contact visa sponsors directly. Here are the reasons:
  1. USCIS will start accepting cap-subject H-1B Visa petitions on April 1, 2016 for fiscal year 2017. It is only three and half months away.
  2. Applications tend to slow down during the holiday season more than openings do -- tipping the balance in favor of those who do apply!
  3. Hiring managers and CEOs will typically try to reduce their operating profits by incurring search fees towards the end of each year, to avoid paying taxes. They also do not want to lose the allocated funds for new employees.
  4. Job growth is still very strong. In November, U.S. employers added 211,000 new jobs, and the unemployment rate was still only 5%.
Following are some actions we suggest you take right away: 
  1. Update your contact, skills and resume, so employers can find you and contact you directly.
  2. Be proactive: We are still working on 2016 visa reports. But you can still search 2015 H1B VisaGreen Card, andWage Determination to find potential employers and pitch them directly.
  3. Be informed: Check E-Verify Employer Database and USCIS Employer Blacklist, so you will not become a victim of visa scam. Bookmark those pages, as we update them regularly.
  4. Be smart: Use our Resume Blast Service and Smart Apply Service to save time and target right employers.