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USCIS estimates H-1B population for the first time

By Bill at June 30, 2020 16:32
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For the first time, USCIS has released an official government estimate of the number of H-1B visa holders working in the United States: "As of [September 30, 2019], the H-1B authorized-to-work population is approximately 583,420." For details, please read USCIS Report: H-1B Authorized to Work Report

However, some immigration analysts said that the estimated number might be too low. They claimed that the total number of H-1B approvals in the fiscal years 2017, 2018, and 2019 was 1,085,040. The data source is Summary Report of Approved H1B Petitions-Fiscal Year 2019.

The big difference between these two numbers could possibly be explained by following factors:

  • The average length of H-1B approval is 2.3 years.
  • Some approvals might be granted to same person multiple times.
  • Some H-1B workers changed employers.
  • Some H-1B workers added part-time employers.
  • Some H-1B workers changed visa status.

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